The Fall

    Summer recently became Autumn here in Australia so I decided to poll my office and see what they like about this season

    Proby: ”I love fall because of the crispness in the air and it’s not bitterly cold but it’s not too warm either. It’s the season for getting all bundled up.”

    Hanna: “I love it when the leaves change colour and begin to fall.”

    Thinking about this season, my mind wandered back to my childhood:

    all those cold afternoons after school drinking hot cocoa while reading Halloween books.

    Fall 2.jpg

    I miss those quiet moments.

    For some reason, the movie Garden State came to my mind while I was reminiscing. Specifically, the last scene *Spoiler Alert* where the main character, Andrew, chooses to stay with Sam in New Jersey rather than “go back to LA and figure out his life”.

    To me, that sums up the difference between childhood and growing up.

    Not the staying in New Jersey bit but making a choice.

    Growing up is having the courage to make a choice. It’s knowing what we want and committing to bravely taking action: the planning, prep work, and taking the time to enjoy the random fun moments that come along.

    Fall 3.jpg

    There comes a point for every one of us, where we have to take the initiative and choose to step through the threshold of childhood into being an adult. That’s not always easy or fun, but it’s easier than it’s opposite…staying forever young. Within this process is the place where we learn to embrace all we have been, all they hope to be, and bravely become who we are.

    One way to look at it is like you’re making a film. You have pre-production where you plan out the movie, on set where you film the movie, and the editing suite where you assemble everything. That is probably the simplest way of putting it, and as they say in France “C’est la vie (This is life)”

    Fall 4.jpg

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