New Feature Film- Yup, We’re Doing It Again!

In some ways I can’t believe our community is doing this again.

We’ve got to be the craziest and most insane bunch of people I know.

But I have to admit, I love it.

It was about a year ago when Jason and I started dreaming again for the future of The Initiative Production Company and making another feature.

The Umbrella was finished and had been passed on to our wonderful distribution company. So we were free to dream again.

We already knew the next story, The Out of the Woods Project, we just needed to take initiative and start moving forward – practically.

That’s when Jason approached Brenden Bell, our resident writer, and the two of them began to create the story.

Those first meetings were full of nostalgia.

The three of us met together at The Meeting Place Cafe, and sat at one of those massive cable wheels that had been converted into a table.

I had to smile.

Before The Meeting Place existed, our production office was in that room. We were literally meeting in our old office. Sitting in the exact same spot our desks had been years before.

The same place we’d dreamed and planned for The Umbrella.

And it became the place we started dreaming and planning for The Out of The Woods Project too, only this time it was over delicious coffees and snacks.

We hashed out a great concept and plotted out the story of Will Denovan. A successful realtor, who finds himself waking in the middle of the woods, with no idea how he got there. He searches for a way out, but the woods won’t let him go and he’s forced to find a way to survive. All the while trying to figure out, what brought him there.

By December we had our first complete draft of the story and I knew we were about to embark on a great adventure. The story was concise and creative. And most importantly, it was a story I was excited to create and share with the world.

And now here we are, a few months later. And we’re weeks away from Production.

I know it’s going to be a tough journey forward, because everything about this project is a thousand times more complicated, but I seriously can’t wait.

There are so many things we’re preparing for this project.

We’ve got a great bunch of people coming to partner with us. We’re compiling an amazing cast for the film and we are not only creating a feature film, but also filming a documentary of the process and writing a book too!

If that wasn’t enough we’re also running an internship alongside the film. I love this!

We want to give aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals. To give them life experience on a feature film, instead of just the grunt work that most start off doing in this business. We want to help them pioneer their own careers.

I can’t wait to walk alongside these budding filmmakers. My hope for them, is that they can learn from my mistakes and go forward confidently into their futures.

All in all, we are embarking on the biggest, most challenging project to date for our company. I remember reading a quote by J. M. Barrie, who said, “The most useless are those who never change through the years.”

Well, we are definitely not going to be useless!

The Out of the Woods Project is going to be awesome and I hope you’ll stick around and join our band of independent filmmakers as we venture into the great unknown.

Get ready!


  • Charis Joy Jackson

    Producer, Director, Writer, Actress

    Charis Joy Jackson is a writer, director, producer and teacher working with The Initiative Production Company. During the day she makes movies and in her spare time writes short stories and novel. She's a self-proclaimed nerd who wishes she could live in Hobbiton. You can follow her on Instagram @charisjoyjackson


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