Small Beginnings: John Wayne

    In today’s episode of Small Beginnings we take a look behind the life of a man with many names, but best knows to several generations as John Wayne.

    Born in Iowa as Marion Mitchell Morrison in 1907, he grew up in Southern California. First he wanted to go into sports, but a body surfing accident cost him not only his collarbone, but also his football scholarship. He went on to work at local film studios and was cast in smaller bit parts.

    His first leading role in The Big Trail in 1930 paved the way to more leading parts in numerous B Western movies during the 1930s. His career took off after building a friendship with director John Ford and playing the part in Stagecoach in 1939 that made him a mainstream star.
    Wayne starred in 142 movies and helped inventing stunt techniques that are still used today. He will forever be known as an American icon for his smooth way of talking and walking.

    We might not agree with some of his non-film related statements, but we wish his family all the best and hope for more acting talent to be revealed!

    Real art is basic emotion. If a scene is handled with simplicity – and I don’t mean simple
    – it’ll be good, and the public will know it.
    – John Wayne
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    • Hanna is from Germany and loves film, especially writing and directing. After High School she did volunteer work in India for almost a year and then went on to study film in Australia. Her goal is to work on feature films in the professional film industry as well as write and direct her own work.


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