Last week after months of go go go busy time of filming The Out of the Woods Project it all came to a sudden end. A strange calm has been hanging around our offices.

There is a strange vibe of celebrating everything we’ve accomplished but also this air of anxiety about what’s going to happen next.

To me it’s similar to the feeling of hiking a mountain, reaching the summit, soaking in the view and now we have begin the descent. It’s a different journey but just as important part of the journey with more opportunities to breathe and enjoy the past where we hiked up with a different perspective.

As I take the time to reminisce over the past months with all the early mornings, late nights, coffee, the friendships that were made, the stress, all the new experiences that were had, I can’t help but sit back and be proud of everything that happened.

One of the hardest parts of not being on set is not seeing all the wonderful people I spent so many long days

It’s probably a cliché at this point but I truly believe we all became some sort of weird gypsy circus family these past months on set. There’s a magic in getting to spend so much time with people making something where you just naturally get along.

The first thing I thought when this was all over was “Well…What’s next??” After getting so caught up in making this movie over the past week I’ve feel like all of us in the initiative have sort of been walking in an exhausted daze thinking how did we make a movie with no money and what is going to happen next.

So what is next for us at The Initiative?

Well I can’t tell you everything but there is definitely some big news on the way.

The biggest thing for us is in the midst of moving on we need to remember everything that lies behind us and embrace whatever lies ahead.


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