Perfectionism is Imperfect

    You can never fail in life.”

    I never used to understand what people meant when they said that.
    I thought failure was something that destroyed you and you’d never recover. You’d just sort of spend the rest of your life fading into nothingness.

    Looking back over the past months of filming The Out of the Woods Project it’s easy to look back and see all the mistakes. For me, working in the wardrobe department this looked like not having the right clothing for the right actor at the right time.

    I remember filming in the woods and bringing the wrong outfit for our main actor and having to go all the way back up to our base-camp a very steep 5 min walk up a hill and back down feeling stressed and humiliated because I was holding up the whole set. It would have been an easy situation where I could have thought I failed, beat myself up and run away but instead of all that nonsense I took a deep breath and choose to get back to set with my head held high.

    I’m grateful that I’ve reached a place in my life where I can let things go.

    No matter if your facing a challenging experience in your work or life, don’t be afraid of them and most importantly don’t be afraid to learn from them and move forward.

    The truth is no matter how hard I or you try we will never be perfect.

    A wise person once told me, “perfectionism is imperfect”.

    No matter where we go or what we do in in life we will make mistakes but what is important is what we learn from our mistakes and apply it to our lives.

    I really like what filmmaker Simon Cade has to say about learning in filmmaking in this video:

    Some things you only really believe when you find out for yourself… focus all of your efforts not on trying to chase success or meet other people expectations but on trying to learn as much as possible.” Simon Cade

    Sometimes I think we need to be confronted with and embrace our own humanity in our failures.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t costs.

    I think that humanity/failure is part of what makes art and life so beautiful.

    So don’t be afraid to live your life and make mistakes but be sure to take the initiative to learn from them. After all there is no such thing as failing if you are learning.

    If you can learn to be a good learner then the sky is the limit.” Simon Cade

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