An Impossible Legacy

I remember the first time I saw The Umbrella. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I knew the people who made it and that they were passionate about it. It had changed their lives making it, but beyond that I was going in blind.

At first glance, it didn’t seem like a lot. I soon began to realize what it actually accomplished will never be only a movie. It’s legacy and that of the people what will continue to influence me for the rest of my life.

What The Umbrella accomplished by just existing is amazing.

Making a film is an almost impossible feat. Getting it released is even harder. The Initiative has done both with The Umbrella.

The Initiative is a group of independent filmmakers in Brisbane, Australia. The Initiative believes in story above all.

We seek to foster the next generation of filmmakers, by pairing film students with industry professionals. This brings a quality to our work that is intrinsically unique.

Having a feature like The Umbrella was a sort of beacon that helped summon me to work with The Initiative. Ultimately, however, it was the people and what they knew and learned about filmmaking on The Umbrella that made me stay.

Now, being able to say I have personally worked on a feature film, The Initiative’s second feature film The Out of the Woods Project, I can no longer disconnect the experience of watching a film with the people who made it.

I have received so much wisdom and advice from all the people I know who worked on The Umbrella.

I thought it would be helpful to write out specifically what I have gained from each person and how they inspires me from their experience from The Umbrella.

Brenden: A script supervisor on The Umbrella now a screenwriter on The Out of the Woods Project. His attention to detail and passion for the craft of writing inspires me to write better. His eye for detail brings out the best in everything he puts his mind to.

Charis: Her passion to have everyone and everything run smoothly shows me how to have fun and get things done. Her joy to create a film keeps us excited everyday, and allows us to never forget how amazing it is to be a filmmaker.

Jay: His experience of editing a feature film, his wisdom on how to build a scene visually, as well as his humorous wit, keeps pushing us all to be better on set and in post.

Jason: The visionary and director. He inspires us to dream and carries the vision no one else will.

Josias: His passion for merging acting and the visual art, inspired me as he was my boss on The Out of the Woods Project. He helps me look at films differently day to day.

Proby: His passion for the technical side of filmmaking, inspires me to know how to use the equipment well.

Having people that have gone ahead of me, gives me the courage to believe that my dreams were achievable. They broke through the glass ceiling of what many think is impossible and allowed me to think anything is possible.

The Umbrella is not a perfect film, but every time I watch it I respond to the film’s thematic material; I begin to think about what my umbrella is and what do I need to let go of in my own life.

Even more so, its legacy and experience lives with the people that I work beside and inspire me every day.

Maybe a movie is much more than just what you see on the screen but lives on in the people who spent so much of their lives making them.



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