A New Sort of Premiere

    I think growing up, we all had the idea that a movie premiere would be something in a beautiful old cinema. Thousands of people would be clamouring to get a look at their favourite stars, and try and touch these people they have seen on picture screens. While that reality still exists today, there are now many alternate options.


    We live in an amazing world for independent filmmakers. We no longer need expensive cameras; just go on B & H and get yourself a nice inexpensive DSLR!


    You no longer need the support of a massive film studio; get some like minded friends together and start making short films. Start a page on Facebook and voila, you have a production company.


    You no longer need to have a massive, expensive marketing campaign, because social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are free to use.


    Don’t get me wrong, filmmaking is still hard and expensive; I’m oversimplifying the process to make a point. However, the amount of resources at our disposal to make and distribute films, makes 2016 one of the best times in history to be an independent filmmaker.


    Countless films are only a few clicks and a good render away.


    On that note, I am proud to announce that The Umbrella, the first feature film from The Initiative Production Company, is on the pay-per-view site, Flix Premiere!

    Flix Premiere is an amazing gift to independent filmmakers.




    Flix Premiere claims to be the world’s first, online cineplex; incorporating the home access of Netflix, and the exclusivity of the cinema experience. It is being updated constantly, so be sure to keep looking at their latest offerings. The films can be accessed on any internet-capable device, allowing you to have your own personal cinema wherever you go.


    Flix Premiere has contacts all over the world, and a strong desire to introduce people to high-quality films from all corners of this beautiful Earth of ours.


    You no longer need the support of a massive film studio; get some like minded friends together and start making short films. Start a page on Facebook and voila, you have a production company.


    The Umbrella is a look at the guilt and pain we all harbour. The struggles of expressing those emotions, and the freedom we can have, if we learn to let go. This is the journey to that place. In the end we can either run and hide like we always or choose to deal with what’s really going on.


    All of us here at The Initiative Production Company are excited to be a part of the ever changing internet distribution model for film. We can’t wait to share the journey of The Umbrella with all of you.


    It’s exciting to be alongside some amazing, independent film’s: Alex of Venice, Elephant Song, the documentary Hollywood Banker, and many, many more.


    If you watch the film and are interested in learning more about our journey creating The Umbrella, check out the link. While you’re at it, check out the making of our most recent feature film The Out of the Woods Project by checking out the linked behind the scenes!!


    So, grab your popcorn your laptop and relax on your favorite couch. We will see you all online at the cinema on Flix Premiere!


    The Umbrella is currently available to watch In the US and in the UK.


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