Disney’s Got Me Nervous About “Beauty and the Beast”

Well I saw the new Beauty and the Beast trailer the other day… Yeah it’s got me a little nervous. I actually don’t know what to think of it. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite disney princess movie, so I had high expectations for this new real life adaptation of the movie and then I saw the trailer. Here are three reasons why Disney’s got me nervous.

1. Emma Watson

I loved Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, but I can’t help but feel like Hermione Granger is all I’m going to see when I watch the new Beauty and the Beast. I think Cinderella really worked because I had never seen the main actress, Lilly James, in anything before. I had no stereotypical role to attach her face to, so when I saw Lilly James on screen, I saw Cinderella. It’s so difficult for actors and actresses to break out of the stereotypical role that made them famous and I feel like Emma Watson playing Belle isn’t her breaking out of her Hermione role. Belle loves books. Hermione loved books. Belle ends up living in an enchanted castle. Hermione lived in an enchanted castle. Belle falls in love with a ginger and Hermione fell in love with a ginger. I’m just seeing a lot of parallels here. I just feel like the movie would have been stronger with someone else playing Belle.

2. CGI on the Beast

Computer Generated Imagery. There is a time for it and there is a time where a mask looks so much more realistic. I have a feeling that this is one of those times. I appreciate CGI for all that it does and I know that even when a mask is used there’s CGI, but come on! I love masks and I feel like Beauty and the Beast is going to run into a lot of the same problems that The Hobbit trilogy ran into. It just didn’t look real. Every time I saw the pale orc I was like ahh… Get that man a mask. In the Lord of the Rings films they used masks and it looked incredible. I loved that in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens JJ Abrams decided to use a mixture of CGI and masks. I feel like this is something that Beauty and the Beast should have done too. I look at the Beast and all I see is a computer generated image. There’s nothing realistic looking about him. I know he’s not supposed to be realistic and he’s supposed to live in an imaginary world, but what makes film work is when you make the unbelievable look believable. An audience needs to be able to place themselves in the world of the movie. It is our dream and wish to live in that world. The CGI and non CGI images have to match up or it breaks the fantasy of the world and the audience doesn’t connect with the film. CGI is going to either make or break this film.

3. All Star Cast

If you’ve looked at the IMBD page for this film you’ll see that there are many, many, many, familiar faces. My question is, why were they chosen to star in this film? Was it because they were best suited for the role? Or because they’re famous? With big budget films there’s always a few famous actors, but it seems to me like every single person on this list is from the A List page. I think it would have been interesting if Disney had casted French actors. I know that in the original Disney classic all of the characters had British accents, except for Lumiere, but it would have been an interesting take on the story if they’d made them French.

Growing up I had no idea that the film was supposed to be based in France till I was older. It would have been a nice change. Once again I’m going to mention Star Wars: The Force Awakens, cause it worked so well, they had some A List actors, but they were there to support the up and coming generation. That’s just my suggestion.


In conclusion this film has a lot to live up to. The original Beauty and the Beast (1991) wasn’t just an Oscar Award winner, but it’s a classic that’s very near and dear to a lot of peoples hearts. These are just some of the things that have got me nervous. I also think that Dan Stevens is too old to play the Beast, but that’s just my opinion. This film comes out May 4th, will I be in the theatre with a bag of popcorn, ready to go? I’m not sure.


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    • Aine

      There’s also a lot of criticism about the original Beauty and the Beast that it doesn’t look like they’re going to address – particularly the strong undertones of domestic violence that the animated film had

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