Acting Advice: How to Say ‘I Do’ To Your Partner

    I definitely count Viola Davis as a source of inspiration because she animated me to move from the ranks of “Dreamers” to the ranks of “Doers”. Seeing Viola Davis’ performance in The Help was the final trigger I needed to give me the courage to dare to pursue acting.

    Everything in me yearned to create something like it because I was so mesmerised by her authentic performance.

    I admire her passion to share her knowledge. She equips artists and independent filmmakers and cheers them on, instead of just reveling in her own glory.  

    This following interview was very helpful and I hope you find it helpful too. Viola Davis shares her acting process with us which can be narrowed down to three foundational steps:

    1. Prepare thoroughly
    2. Leave yourself ‘alone’
    3. Say ‘yes’ to your partner.

    Have a look at this video to hear her expand on this – An excellent reminder for all us actors who tend to overcomplicate the creative process.

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    • Annette is part of the acting team with The Initiative Production Company. She is a German South-African, loves the smell of freshly baked bread and constantly has a list in her head of countries to visit and more languages to learn.


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