It’s Tom Cruise, He’s Legit

    Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors.

    Tom Cruise has appeared in a total of 48 Hollywood films, starring in well over half of them. Even at 54 years of age, Cruise continues to star in action films, proving he is a steady leading man.

    Cruise is best known for his roles as Maverick in the 1986 film, Top Gun and as Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Cruise has also appeared in well-received films such as Risky Business (1983), Rain Man (1988), Jerry Maguire (1996), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), and Magnolia (1999). And that was before the 21st Century. More recently he starred in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report and Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

    I could of course list many other notable films that Tom Cruise has appeared in, but then this might feel more like an IMDB page rather than an article.

    But despite all of his success, Tom Cruise is disliked by many a moviegoer. People bash Cruise for all kinds of reasons and nearly all of them are baseless theories or simply illogical.

    Let me explain why Tom Cruise is a legit actor and one of Hollywood’s greatest movie stars.

    Award Winning & Nominated

    One of the most common things I hear about Tom Cruise is he isn’t a very good actor. This is one of those illogical statements like I mentioned above.

    Did you know Tom Cruise has been nominated for three Academy Awards? He’s also won three Golden Globes, having been nominated for seven of them.

    While all three of his Oscar nominations came earlier in his career and hasn’t been nominated since, doesn’t diminish his talent.

    But think of it this way, recently Cruise hasn’t been in any award-type movies. Films like Mission: Impossible or his forthcoming movie, The Mummy aren’t the types of films to get nominated for Best Picture or Best Original Screenplay. And that’s okay, because they’re not supposed to be.

    Cruise enjoys making fast-paced action movies that grab the moviegoer and take them for an entertaining thrill ride. These movies are built for entertainment, not to make the audience ponder a deep, philosophical question or to tell an inspiring story about a historical figure.

    Cruise appears in films that are entertaining and action-packed. And he does them superbly. If he was such a bad actor, why do his films continue to make so much money? The last five films Cruise has appeared in have doubled their budget or better in box office earnings.

    Say what you will about his talent, but his success continues to prove those claims wrong.

    Have You Seen The Stunts He Performs?

    An actor’s dedication to their craft can be tied to how talented they are perceived.

    And even if somehow you could prove Tom Cruise isn’t a good actor, his dedication to his craft is beyond a doubt.

    I mean have you seen the crazy stunts he performs? His dedication to realism and providing audiences with entertainment cannot be questioned.

    While of course his biggest stunts, such as being strapped to a plane taking off or climbing the tallest tower in the world are definitely his most known stunts, it by no means stops there.

    Not only does Cruise perform the super dangerous stuff, he does everything else too. Getting hit by cars, fights, and falling off of seemingly anything are just some of the crazy stunts he has performed. And speaking of cars, did you know he’s an incredible stunt driver as well?

    During the filming of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Cruise did all of his own driving, which meant his co-star Simon Pegg, was forced to be in the car with him so the director could get the shots he wanted and not use any stuntmen.

    In fact, this happens quite often in Cruise’s movies. So when you see him driving and wonder if it’s actually a lookalike stunt driver, guess again.

    And he’s still going strong. Rumor has it Cruise will be performing some kind of crazy falling stunt for the next Mission: Impossible film. So stayed tuned for his next daring stunt.

    Let’s Give Him The “Nickelback Treatment”

    Let me first explain what the “Nickelback Treatment” is. Simply put, it began when it became the thing to hate on Nickelback, regardless of what music they put out. Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful rock band ever, but yet it’s still the thing to hate them.

    Tom Cruise now has this kind of target. No matter what he does, it appears quite obvious it’s just merely the thing to dislike Cruise. It’s literally a bandwagon thing to bash him in any way.

    And perhaps the biggest reason for this is because he’s successful. People love to hate others who have massive success, especially for no real apparent reason. People see what others have and since they can’t have it, they hate on them and claim they are undeserving of their success.

    This is an absolutely ridiculous way to go about anything in life. Just because someone is famous and successful in Hollywood, doesn’t mean it applies to your own life. If you think they don’t deserve their fame for some reason, go out there and become more famous than them. Oh, and then let me know how that goes.

    Anyway, the “Nickelback Treatment” fad needs to stop. Not just for Tom Cruise and of course Nickelback, but everyone who takes flak for being successful. Like seriously, stop. Stop it now.

    He’s Legit

    I don’t really want to go back over these points in summary, because if you’ve read this far you’re either in agreement or you read to the end to give me the “I hate him because he’s right” treatment.

    Whichever it is, I’m just glad you read an entire article about how awesome Tom Cruise is. Got you.

    And to finish, I’ll do a bit of shameless plugging. See Tom Cruise next on June 9th when The Mummy hits theatres. Or don’t. But you should.

    Okay, I’m done being creative for a bit.

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