The Best Holiday Feasts Inspired By Your Favourite Films

    Tis the season to be creative with your food and decoration as you gather with friends and family. Why not give them a festive feast they won’t forget – theme it movie style!

    There’s several epic feasts from holiday movies, here’s a few of my favourites. They’re sure to inspire your guests and make one or two of them never want to return, but hey, either way it’ll be a party no one’s sure to forget anytime soon!

    Sweet Sweet Spaghetti

    Perhaps you’ve already guessed which holiday classic this comes from. Elf is a must on your christmas watch list, but you may also want to add it’s epic feasts to your party this year. Just make spaghetti and add syrup. Then consume in large quantities. To add a little more cheer to this feast, fill your home with paper snowflakes which you stayed up all night making.

    Scrooge-y Muppets Meal

    This feast calls for a turkey the size of two watermelons and a fruit platter resembling the Chiquita Banana lady’s hat. Add a few muppets to your display and voila! You’re good to go! To take it an extra step further, dress up as the characters from The Muppet Christmas Carol, including Ebenezer Scrooge’s nightcap.

    The Parker family (Darren McGavin, Melinda Dillon, Ian Petrella and Peter Billingsley) wind up at a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner in the penultimate scene from “A Christmas Story.” The restaurateur was played by John Wong.

    Harry Pot of Goodness

    Pick any one of the Harry Potter films for inspiration, but this one comes down to more of the type of decorations you’ll want. A gigantic Christmas tree and candles hanging from the ceiling. Then just be extravagant on the food. Have everything and anything and label them with funny names. Be sure to include something from Honeydukes, perhaps a cauldron of lollipops, and remember to have pumpkin juice AND butterbeer!

    The Opposite of Headless Bird

    What’s the opposite of Headless Bird, you ask? It means every cooked bird you have on your dinner table still has its head attached! Which you then dramatically chop off with a butchers knife. This feast is inspired by A Christmas Story and the fiasco that became their new family tradition. Be sure to yell “Oh fudge!” as often as possible during this feast and at some point eat your mashed potatoes like a pig and laugh about it until someone rolls their eyes. And if you can top it off with a centrepiece leg-lamp, you’re doing this holiday feast right!

    Bullets and Glass

    This is really more just a party idea than anything, but no Christmas is complete without Die Hard. There should be glasses of champagne, and powdered donuts or something else covered in powdered sugar, as a memory to the late Harry Ellis who foolishly tried to play with the Big Boys. Be sure to repeat “Yippee ki yay” a lot and call all your friends “Cowboy”. If you’re feeling super festive for this feast, you could have some kind of candy resembling broken glass – or just crunch up a lot of candy canes to remind people of John McClane’s poor feet.

    OK so some of these weren’t really feasts, but I hope it gave you some great inspiration for your holiday season!

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