How To Build An Awesome Baby Groot

Are you a Guardians of the Galaxy fan and wish to have your very own Baby Groot? Well look no further. Here is a DIY where you can build your very own for next to nothing.

What Youll Need:

  1. Plain white paper
  2. Small flower pot or mug
  3. 12 Twigs ( approx. 30cm long and thin)
  4. Wood Chips
  5. 1 cup of Flour
  6. 1 Cup Warm Water
  7. Brown paint
  8. Green Paint
  9. Dirt (Amount it takes to nearly fill your pot or mug)
  10. Hot Glue
  11. Hot Glue Gun
  12. Small Mixing bowl
  13. Spoon
  14. Plasti Dip- Multi Purpose Rubber Coating- White
  15. Sticky Tack or Blue Tack

Step 1: Take Up Your Twigs

For this step you will need twigs, flower pot, and dirt. Take 10 of your twigs and place them in a cluster in the pot. Next youll pour the dirt into the pot around the twigs so it looks like the twigs are coming up from the dirt.

Step 2: Make Your Mache

For this next step you will be creating the paper mache! For the uninitiated, paper mache is a mixture of flour and water that you dip strips of paper into and it hardens as it dries.

You will need your flour and warm water, and pour both into a small bowl and mix together until smooth. Now you are ready to paper mache.

If you have a different recipe and prefer to use that, please feel free to do so.

Step 3: Strips of Paper Around Twigs

For this step youll need your paper mache from step 2, scissors, and plain white pieces of paper. Take two-three sheets of your white paper and cut them into horizontal pieces approximately 5-8cm thick.

Take one of your pieces of paper and dip it into the mache get rid of any excess by using your fingers and letting it fall back into the bowl. Then wrap the strip horizontally around the cluster of twigs, whichll hold them together.

This doesn’t have to look nice because it’s just holding the sticks together and creates a foundation to work over.

Try to get the paper wrapped as far down to the bottom of your twigs as possible and approximately 15- 20 cm high.

Step 4: Folded Paper Around the Body of Groot

For this step youll need your paper mache, sheets of white paper, and scissors. Take your scissors and cut them into vertical strips approximately 5cm thick.

Fold the pieces of paper into a smaller strips.

Take these strips youve made and dip them into your paper mache. Wrap them diagonally around the stump of your Groot. This will create a bark look when you paint it. Keep going around with strips of paper until the entire body is covered.

Step 5: Cut Off The Excess Twigs

For this step you will need your scissors. Now, as you can see; there are quite a few twigs still sticking out the top.

Take your scissors and cut them off, but leave one still sticking up for the head.

Step 6: Build The Head

For this step youll need a sheet of paper and paper mache. Take a piece of paper and clump it into a ball. Then soak the ball of paper into the paper mache.

Place the ball on top of the body and stick the one stick through the bottom of the piece of paper.

In order to make my head a little more round I took a second piece of paper and repeat this step. Make sure the stick doesnt come through the top.

Step 7: Smooth Out the Face

For this step youll need a small square sheet of paper and paper mache.

Cut a small square of paper thats just big enough to cover the face of your Groot. Dip it in paper mache and smooth it over it.

You dont have to worry about the back of the head too much because you will be covering it later in this DIY.

Step 8: The Arms

For this step youll need two twigs, paper, and paper mache. Take one of your twigs and pierce the side of your root with it until It goes far enough through that its secure. Do the same on the other side with your second twig.

At this point the arms are looking a little bare, so youll repeat the same technique you used to cover the body. Take a vertically cut piece of paper and fold it till it looks like a flattened straw.

Dip it in the paper mache and twist it around the arm. Use two strips of paper to cover the twig more. Repeat on both arms

Step 9: The Back of the Head

For this step youll need wooden bark chips, hot glue, and a hot glue gun. The back of Groots head is like the top of a tree and it looks like branches are coming out the top. Find some bark pieces that look like this. They are in the woods and some garden stores. I found them in a garden where I live.

They should be small and as flat as you can find them on the ends. It makes them easier to attache with the glue. Please see a picture of them below.

I took my hot glue gun and glued these pieces around the face and on the back of the head. Place them as close as you can to each other.

Step 10: Spray With Rubber Coating

For this next step you will need your Plasti Dip spray, a plastic bag, and tape. In this portion of the DIY you are going to make your Baby Groot all the same color and texture.

Take a plastic garbage bag and cut a hole big enough in the bottom for you to put Groot through. Then tape the plastic around the top edge of your flower pot. This is so you will protect you flower pot from getting any of the rubber coating on it.

Plasti dip takes approximately 30 minutes to dry and I would recommend at least 3-4 coats.

Step 11: Sticky Tack

For this step you’ll need your white sticky tack and plasti dip spray. This step is to make the edge of Groot’s face a little smoother on the forehead.

Take white sticky tack and use your finger to smooth that space between the bark and the forehead of Groot. Use small little pieces at a time until you’re satisfied with the results and it looks a little cleaner.

Take your plasti dip spray and spray over the area you’ve covered with sticky tack.

Step12: Paint!

For this next step you will need acrylic paint, paint brushes, a glass of water, and a painting pallet. Use two different size paint brushes for this step. One bigger to cover the larger areas and the other smaller, so you can get into the small corners.

For this DIY, a brown color called Burnt Umber was used, but feel free to use another color of brown. Cover all of the white areas with your brown paint. Do 1-2 coats.

Step 13: Paint the Face

For this next step you will need your black and white paint, paint brushes, glass of water, and a painting pallet. Take a small, thin paint brush and paint on the face. Look at a picture of his face online or use this one as a reference.

Step 14: Take A Look At Your New Baby Groot!

You have successfully created your very own Baby Groot. Congratulations and enjoy!


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