How Do Stunts Go Forgotten in the World of Film?

You see them in all your favorite, popular movies, but do you realize they’re there? They keep all your favorite actors safe on set, but do you know they’re names? I’m talking about the stunt community, and there’s a lot of strife about why they aren’t getting enough recognition.

The stunt community is pushing for more acknowledgment for their impressive and dangerous stunt coordination, especially some at the oscars.

Since the dawn of the Academy Awards, there have only been two times when individuals have been given awards in recognition for their stunt coordinating. The first was in 1967 for some groundbreaking work in, Ben-Hur, and the last being in 2012, awarded to the stunt coordinator for, Smokey and the Bandit. While the stunt community was recognized with these awards, they weren’t awards specific stunt categories, but honorary awards. Big names like Steven Spielberg are behind the stunt community in getting them more recognition at award shows.

What do you think? Should the stunt coordinators and stunt men and women get their time in the spotlight? Check out this video and see what the stunt community has to say!

“I’ve heard every single decision as to why they don’t want us (stunt community) in there but none of them make any sense.” – Jack Gill



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