Sweat is a common requirement amongst popular movies. Actors tend to sweat it out in the classic action packed films where they’re fighting and running away from their enemy or hiding from the monster. We’ve all seen it, and It’s effective. Hollywood sure knows how to make sweat look perfect and make the sweat drip at the right time, but what happens if you’re not hollywood? If you have a small budget and you want to create the best looking sweat for your film, here’s some easy but effective ways to make it.

There’s two most common types of sweat, the shiny subtle sweat that tends to look nice in certain lights or there’s the you’ve been working out for days kind of sweat that drips frequently from your face. Whatever look you are going for you can achieve these looks with these simple ingredients:

Shiny subtle sweat

What you need:

1. Oils!

You can use, coconut oil, baby oil or cooking spray

Cooking spray.

2. Spray bottle

3. Water


Step 1: Use the desired oil that you want to use and apply to the areas of the skin you want sweat to show, for my examples I’ve used my chest and face.

Step 2: Rub it in so it creates a smoother look. To make it more noticeable spray your skin with water using the spray bottle.

However, only spray water if you want to have more of sweaty look as water and oil make a beady look. Stick just with oils to make a shiny subtle look.



There you have it! Homemade, simple sweat that’s easy and quick to apply, no need to call a makeup artist, you can do it!

Drip Sweat

What you need:

  1. Baby oil or Vaseline
  2. water (spray bottle)

Or you can use

  1. Glycerin, you can find this at Woolworths and other supermarkets, if you can’t find it there, try a pharmacy.


Step 1: Apply baby oil, vaseline or glycerin on desired areas, spread evenly.

Step 2: Spray and keep on spraying

The more you spray the more it will create a beady drip look.

A key tip to keep in mind is remembering to wet the actor’s hair to make a real and more sweaty look. You don’t have to wet their hair all over but mainly the front of the hair and at the back of the neck.

Independent filmmakers can still create quality just like blockbuster movies, by using these ingredients and following these steps you’ll convince your audience it’s real sweat!



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