Why It’s Important to Support Films Like A Quiet Place

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Creativity and inspiration are dead in Hollywood, it’s just sequels and remakes!” before they go off grumbling about what things were like when they were kids and how great the 90s were. Well what if I told you that you and your hipster-stuck-in-the-90s friend are the reason franchises and reboots are more popular than ever?

I know, you don’t believe me, but it’s true and I’m here to prove it.

You see the 21st Century is a busy place, we have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, thousands of T.V shows, podcasts are all screaming for your attention. So how do movie studios react now that they’re not the only name in entertainment? Well they sell you something they think you’ll like, they sell you something familiar. Studios are really good at this.

Remember when the first teaser for Star Wars The Force Awakens dropped and immediately everyone was reliving the first time they saw a Star Wars movie? That movie was a guaranteed smash over a year before it hit the cinemas. This is what’s called a “pre-sold franchise.”

Pre-sold franchises are exactly what they sound like, movies that already have a fanbase that will guarantee an audience. And it’s been happening forever. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Tom Sawyer, Stranger Things, every superhero movie that’s come out since Richard Donner’s Superman, they were all made with studio execs knowing that people were going to be in seats.

It’s not always a bad thing, but not every franchise film is a Dark Knight Trilogy. The only way to stop franchises from taking over is simply, don’t go to see as many. Or better yet go see more films like A Quiet Place.

Going out and taking a chance on a movie you’ve never heard of before speaks louder than words. A Quiet Place made over $117 million domestically with a $17million budget, THAT’S INSANE! Producers and studios are going to notice this and I can guarantee we’re going to get a slew of low budget pics coming out in response. Because we all took a chance on a movie, we’re literally changing the industry! You’re ticket matters people! Spend it wisely.

Now I’m not saying don’t go see the mega blockbusters, I for one am 100% going to see Avengers Infinity War opening weekend (I mean I kinda have to for work, but I’d still see it!) but ask yourself why you’re going out to a movie in the first place? Is it just to listen to quips and watch explosions, or are you after a story? Based on the innovative success of A Quiet Place, a movie with no dialogue, let alone any quips and intensive family drama I’d say the answer is pretty clear.


  • While a great many would see him as a hero, there are some that would prefer the term vigilante. Gregory is an aspiring filmmaker who loves writing, directing, coffee and long walks on the beach.


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