Amy Schumer Knows How to Make Herself Feel Pretty

Most actors in most films are good looking or slenderly built. The film industry thrives on perfectionism much like society and anything that is unattractive or different doesn’t really stand a chance. Beauty is often distorted and misunderstood, if our body shape isn’t the right size or our skin doesn’t shine flawlessly than most stereotypes of castings turn out to be the victim of bullying, main characters sidekick that’s not as cool or the nerd. Let’s be honest, no one really wants that! Beauty shouldn’t be categorized but unified and accepting of everyone’s differences, the outside of a person shouldn’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The film I Feel Pretty tackles the beauty myth from all angles. Renee Bennett played Amy Schumer struggles with her self esteem, I mean who doesn’t right! It’s a constant battle of comparing ourselves to other people, we can be so focused on who we’re trying to be rather than just being ourselves. Remember, there’s no one else in the world like you, you’re the only you there is! I feel Pretty is empowering not only on the standards of beauty but what it means to love and find value in yourself.

Renee Bennett clearly owns who she is which reminds me of Maria in West Side Story when she starts singing about how pretty she feels. I think we can all learn from Renee and Maria; it’s good to feel pretty about ourselves no matter what we’re feeling, and confidence is key!

Amy Schumer identifies with her character Renee and learns through the film that making yourself pretty is all about these three points.

  1. Appreciate the inside more than the outside
  2. Attitude is everything
  3. childlike confidence

Overcoming our low self esteem is a mental battle everyone experiences, however if we can learn to realise that it doesn’t matter about the number on the scales, but what’s on the inside than we can conquer the intolerable thoughts about ourselves. We are all unique, with experiences and memories that tie together seamlessly into a cover of our own version of beauty. Beauty is happiness.

We are actors, achievers and innovators. We are all different shapes, sizes, colours and ethnicity. Each one of us represents beauty in so many different ways that cannot be defined by concepts or people. I Feel Pretty will have you walking out of the cinemas feeling like your best confident self.



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