How to Make Your Acting Profile Stand Out

It’s important as actors to have our profiles stand out from the crowd. Here’s the thing, you don’t need anyone to do it for you, you can easily do it yourself. The key to creating a profile that stands out is quality, time and simplicity. You’ll have more chances of directors and agencies noticing you. Remember, what you show on your profiles is what should reflect in person. Here are some great free resources that you can use to create your outstanding profile.

These are 10 steps to creating your own profile:

  1. Use your original name.
  2. Short description of yourself.
  3. Headshot – make sure your headshot are of good quality in a JPEG or PNG file.
  4. Showreel – This is to showcase the skills you have, upload it to youtube and use the URL link to add to your profiles.
  5. Audioreel – Upload your reel to soundcloud and use the link.
  6. Attach your resume – Make your your resume is up to date.
  7. Union membership – if you have one, such as SAG-AFTRA, Equity, ACTRA etc.
  8. Personal Attributes – Height, Weight, hair and eye colour, ethnicity etc. These details will help casting directors find you, make sure you fill them out correctly.
  9. Experiences and kills – your credits, talents, your training and links to your website’s, Imdb page, awards and so on.
  10. Contact and representation – This is where casting directors can find you whether by direct contact, social media or via your agent or manager.

Now you can create a stunning profile, here are some more helpful resources:


Make sure your facebook or instagram page looks professional, it’s best to separate your personal with business. This will allow you to showcase a more professional set up. Your social media pages should have quality headshots, photos, credits and descriptions about who you are and updated contact information. The more professional you are, the more that casting directors will notice you.

Wix or WordPress websites:

Guess what!? These websites are free and have great designed templates. Websites are great to have on the side as well as your social media profiles. This is another outlet to showcase who you are; the more resources and faces you have on the internet the more of an opportunity you will have. It means you are serious, dedicated and wanting to seek jobs. Make sure you keep your websites regularly updated and keep it simple!


These profiling websites are fantastic not only find jobs but it’s an easy access for directors and casting agents to see you because their the ones posting the advertisements and jobs. You get notified who is viewing your profile and if it needs improvements, how handy is that! Remember to put as much detail into it as you can and make sure your profile is public otherwise no one will see it.


If you haven’t already, create a YouTube account and upload all of your short films, feature films, plays or performances to YouTube, then copy the URL links to your websites or profiles, this is a quick and easy access for casting directors to see your work.

There you have it actors! Now, all you need to do is keep all of your profiles updated, first and foremost. That includes your headshots, credits and contact details. Check them daily, you never know if a casting director wants to get in contact with you. Be posting regularly on your social media sites with updates and photos, this shows that you are active and easy to follow. It’s also important when you are doing up your profile that you don’t overplay your credits or experiences, be as honest as you can. The main key is to keep it updated and simple, that’s it!



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