13 Reasons Why season 2: Will it suck?

So, as you may know the hit TV series 13 Reasons Why aired last year and was met with quite a controversial response because of its innovative, yet questionable storyline tackling suicide.

The first season itself, I appreciated and thought it was appropriate as a stand alone series. However, I’m questioning their motives for continuing the saga.

I fear the continuation will in fact begin to glorify suicide and cause it to lose meaning of the very real and heavy consequences.

I fear they will be shooting themselves in the foot, causing even more harm than good. I hope I’m wrong, though, and I hope it won’t just be another popular TV show to binge.

That being said, I don’t want to jump to conclusions. One can hope the producer’s motives are in fact for the interest of teens who may be struggling with these issues, rather than making a buck.

Since it tackles such a heavy issue, I hope the new season can be appropriately tasteful and creative in its storytelling.



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