A reboot you didn’t know you wanted

As you may already have noticed, Netflix’s Black Mirror closely parallels the decades old Twilight Zone in an innovative way. While The Twilight Zone focuses on the supernatural, Black Mirror gravitates toward the modern day influence of technology.

This Lessons from the Screenplay video goes more into detail about how these two unrelated tv shows are actually closely related, and breaks down one of Black Mirror’s most popular episodes USS Callister (Also one on my personal favourites).

It also reveals an insightful method of storytelling and how a good story’s antagonist will reveal a truth about our own selves.

Watch as Lessons from the Screenplay details the dark truth technology can have on us as regular human beings through USS Callister.

Warning: this video contains spoilers from the Black Mirror episode so unless you don’t want to be spoiled go and watch it now: you will be horrified with inspiration … if that even makes sense.


  • Jay Evans


    Jay Evans has spent the last 8 years working as a film editor, 4 of which have been with The Initiative Production Company. In his spare time he enjoys music, comedy, experimental cooking and getting lost in the woods.


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