Will it be as incredibles as The Incredibles

They’re tenacious, they’re smart and they’re fast, The Incredibles are back! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, after fourteen years director Brad Bird has recreated the phenomenon. The Incredibles is definitely one of a kind in it’s originality but how well will The Incredibles 2 manage to top it off?

In the words of ReelViews’ James Berardinelli sums it up pretty well, saying, an “exemplary mixture of top-notch storytelling, visual razzle-dazzle, accessible humor, and involving action.”

According to Imdb The Incredibles got a 8/10, it received a 97% on rotten tomatoes and got voted in the top 20 disney animation movies.

Director Brad Bird stated in 2007 that he would consider the idea of making a sequel if he could come up with an idea far greater than the original film. During an interview in 2013, Brad reiterated his interest on making a sequel saying, “I have been thinking about it, people have been thinking I have not been, but I have. Because I love the Characters and I love that world. I have many many elements that I think could really work well in another Incredibles film, and if I can get’em to click all together I would probably wanna do that.”

In March 2014, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that he begun pre-production work on The Incredibles 2 with Brad working on the story then began working on the screenplay in April 2015 and also stated that the movie won’t reflect trends of the superhero genre but more so of the family dynamic and how the superhero things will play into that. Early this year more cast announcements were revealed and also including the films plot.

The teaser trailer for the film was released on 14th Feb and is hitting the theatres in June, with the new trailer being released it’s sparked some questions and has us asking, who’s the bad guy? What are Jack-Jack’s new powers? We already know Jack-Jack turns into a fireball, a cannonball, and a small monster but is that the extent of his powers? Who else will suit up and fight? Mr Incredible is doing his best to be a super-dad while staying at home with Jack-Jack while his wife has her time to shine. We saw in the first film that The Incredibles where only able to defeat the enemy if they banded together, perhaps violet will overcome her shyness and bring out her fighting abilities regularly?

With the original Incredibles being so good, i’m sure it will send crowds to the theatres when the movie is released. 99% of people are ready to watch it and there’s already new fan art. Will The Incredibles 2 be new and compelling? Will it be predictable or will it be superior to the first movie?



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