Stranger Things You Didn’t Know About Stranger Things

Flickering lights, tenacious jump scares, a girl with mysterious powers and alien like creatures, we know there’s something strange lurking around in the town of Hawkins. But do you know all the interesting things about the show? With the show being such a huge phenomenon the details can be easily missed. However you’ll be a knowledgeable fan after watching ‘50 facts you didn’t know about Stranger Things.

Stranger Things was initially was going to be called ‘Montauk’ a small coastal town on long Island, New York. The Duffer brothers originally intended to have the series shot there known for its conspiracy theories and was influenced by the strange happenings at camp hero, however the Duffer Brothers preferred the name Stranger Things and decided to shoot elsewhere.

Matt and Ross Duffer also created the show to just be a mini series that would have had a definite ending of Eleven disappearing with the demogorgon on the first season finale, however Netflix saw it as much success and ask them to keep going.

The show also has a thirty page document exclusively about the upside down world that explains what it all means and where the monsters came from. Strange huh? Things get stranger, be sure to watch this short video to find out more interesting facts about the show and the actors.



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