Reasons Why You Should Have Text In Your Film

Text is a creative way to make your film look visually effective. Nowadays filmmakers are using text as more of a formal convention for the on screen text message. It appears in the BCC series Sherlock, The Fault in our Stars, Pretty Little Liars, Paterson and more.

So, why are filmmakers adopting this idea so much? Well, it saves money, it shows the action and reaction of the actors when texting which makes scenes more engaging, and it’s visually appealing. With different font designs, shapes, and sizes it can really enhance the look of a film.

Film form is always evolving and innovative. Having text on the screen also makes it more relatable and real to the audience because it’s something we do almost everyday. Take a look at this video that fills you in on why text and the internet in film is so effective and innovative.



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