The New Twilight Zone Looks Amazing… Too Bad No One’s Going To See It

Alright, buckle in here kiddos; I knew this was going to happen eventually, but why on God’s green earth did it have to happen to a concept as creative as The Twilight Zone. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the first casualty of the streaming wars.

Now for those of you who don’t know The Twilight Zone was a show created by visionary writer and producer Rod Serling. The show was an anthology which followed every day characters into bizzare and horrific situations and usually had some sort of ironic twist, like, “The world is bombed and the last man alive is a quiet bookworm who now has all the time in the world to read … but his reading glasses break.”

The show was famous for tackling social issues, racism, cold war paranoia, consumerism, greed and human nature. The show really struck a chord with audiences and is now one the most influential shows of all time. For a while it seemed like Serling’s success with the show was lightning in a bottle, there have been two unsuccessful revival attempts and a less than stellar movie. Recently though, CBS announced they were bringing the show back, yet again, but this time it would have horror master Jordan Peele at the helm. And with Get Out basically being an episode of the show I was ecstatic … and then I heard the news:

2019’s Twilight Zone would be premiering on CBS All Access, a streaming platform barely anyone knows about. It’s the same platform which produces Star Trek: Discovery, a show general audiences might have had an interest in, if they didn’t have to pay $9.99/month for the site’s only exclusive content. Even with the addition of Twilight Zone, I really don’t think this is gonna change anything dramatically.

As it stands CBS All Access has about 2.5 million subscribers, which might sound like a lot, but compare it to Netflixs whopping 150 million, and well, yikes. Even Amazon Prime and Hulu, arguably Netflix’s biggest competitors only have 90 and 25 million, respectively. Let that sink in, Hulu, which has critically acclaimed shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock can only pull in 25 million subscriptions.

I mean for crying out loud at least with Amazon Prime you also get discounts and free shipping and you can watch live T.V with Hulu, what else are people gonna watch on CBS, Young Sheldon?

To be fair all of NCIS will also be available on the platform, that’ll really bring in the young people.

It’s not gonna matter how good the new Twilight Zone is, no one’s gonna shell out extra cash for a lukewarm Star Trek show and one show they actually want to watch. CBS is reviving one of the greatest shows of all time with some of the greatest talent in the industry behind it and no one’s going to see it. It’s like we’re in our own Twilight Zone episode.  

Hopefully, this can change and CBS will find a way for more people to see the innovative show.


  • While a great many would see him as a hero, there are some that would prefer the term vigilante. Gregory is an aspiring filmmaker who loves writing, directing, coffee and long walks on the beach.


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