You and Your First Drone: Your Drone is a Cash Cow!

This is the last video in the series, You and Your First Drone, and I’m excited to bring you some final inspiration in how to get the most out of your drone. In this video, I cover the most popular jobs in the drone industry. These range from ones you could start this weekend, to jobs you could be working within three years. But for all of them, make sure to take the necessary steps in getting certified in drone piloting.

Stock Footage

When companies of any kind are looking to make corporate videos, they’ll create an advertisement themselves, or purchase stock footage to edit together. Selling stock footage is simple, as long as you stand out from other sources. Drone footage is a great niche because not everyone has a drone. Add your footage to sites like Shutterstock, Pond5 or Videohive and you could end up making money this weekend!

Event Capturing

Whether it’s sporting events, corporate events, concerts or weddings, more drones are taking to the skies to capture these events every day. As long as you’ve got plenty of flight time under your belt, and a great portfolio of work to show clients you mean business, this can be a great field for you to get into. As you work more you ’ll start to see consistency in big seasons. This is a great field to work as a freelance drone pilot.

Film Sets

The dream for many drone pilots specializing in film is to be the next drone operator to capture Tom Cruise leaping from a train. While many get into Hollywood drone piloting in different ways, everyone needs to have a portfolio. They showcase what you’re skilled in and how you can stand out from the crowd. Refrain from generic shots anyone can do. Find your style and implement it into your portfolio. There are a thousand others waiting to get the same job, and the producer wants to know why they should pick you.

Real Estate

Real estate agents need impressive and inviting videos to showcase homes they’re selling. Drones have become more widely popular in the real estate industry because they can easily capture this perspective. It’s a great job to do on the side, and with all of the right certification can be a great source of income for you.

Construction Sites

With this one, it’s less about what story you’re trying to convey through the frame and more about ensuring proper construction on buildings and safety for workers. Contractors need ways of precisely inspecting building sites to ensure they meet certain standards. In the past these were carried out in difficult and dangerous ways by workers ascending to dangerous heights. With the use of drones, there is now a safe way to carry out inspections. For a job like this, you’ll need a couple different certificates that allow you to work on a construction site. This is also a job that would take a few years to train into and start seeing consistent work.

I hope you took something away from all of this and saw potential in where you could be using your drone! The drone community is growing every day, and with it, there’s going to be plenty of companies that recognize the growth and bring in pilots to come and fly.



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