Five More Documentaries You Should Watch

Recently my good friend Jay wrote an article about five creative documentaries you need to see, so if you haven’t read that one yet, click here and check it out! (Or don’t, I’m not your mom). Today, I’m here to tell you about five more.


The other week I sat down and watched WHITNEY, 2018’s documentary on the legendary pop star. Like everyone, I was sad when news broke of her death in 2012, but I had no idea what lead her towards her tragic end. The great thing about this doco is that it really makes the effort to make you feel like you know her and by the end, you feel like you lost someone who was close to you; it doesn’t just lament her death but celebrates her life and who she was as a person.

A great look at the dangers of fame and fortune and the life of a global icon, it’s definitely worth a watch.


Just like WHITNEY, AMY also takes a look at famed Jazz musician Amy Winehouse. The difference though is unlike Whitney Houston, Winehouse’s career barely had the chance to take off before her untimely death in 2011.

AMY serves as a cautionary tale about how things can spiral out of control if you don’t recognize and act on the warning signs in your life. Honestly, it’s hard to listen to her song Rehab after watching the doc.


Last year a documentary came out about the one and only Mr. Freaking Roggers. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the U.S, Mr. Fred Roggers is probably the purest person that ever existed. He not only radically changed children’s programs by addressing controversial issues in a way that never talked down to children, but was so popular his show lasted for over thirty years.

This guy had such an earnest charisma that he single-handedly saved public broadcasting from detrimental budget cuts, by reading CHILDREN’S POEM.

The film, which somehow flew under the radar, dives deep into the career and life of this sweater wearing T.V star. You probably wouldn’t associate rebel, or revolutionary, with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, but that’s exactly what this documentary will show you.


Early last year, headlines blew up about Elizabeth Holmes, a woman who was being hailed as the medical Steve Jobs, was being taken to court for fraud. What followed was a series of wild stories from her staff about being monitored at all times and the blatant lies that were being told to investors.

Holmes wasn’t exactly a household name until she came under legal scrutiny and by then it seemed like the forgery was screaming out to be caught. The woman doesn’t even blink for crying out loud!

For some reason, we have this need for a universal bad guy we can all hate. Whether it’s Martin Shkreli, Billy McFarland, or today’s Elizabeth Holmes we seem fascinated with people who make a living off of scamming others … almost like there’s a sociopath in all of us.


Free Solo took the spotlight when it won at the Oscars this year, but it kinda overshadowed another climbing documentary about a guy with no pointer finger who attempts to climb a wall that was thought impossible to climb. And honestly, it’s one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever watched.

What I really liked about the film is that, apart from going to a rock climbing gym every now and then, I couldn’t be further removed from the world of climbing and the movie did a great job at introducing me to the world of climbing. By the end, you feel like you’ve been part of that world forever.

(I may or may not have had a rush of unearned confidence the next time I went climbing.)

And that about does it, they might not be the most popular movies, but they’re definitely some you should watch the next time you’re in the mood for a good doco.


  • While a great many would see him as a hero, there are some that would prefer the term vigilante. Gregory is an aspiring filmmaker who loves writing, directing, coffee and long walks on the beach.


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