No Cherry No Deal: How to Make A Stranger Things Inspired Tee

Ah, Stranger Things 3, what an epic and tenacious season! By far my favourite yet, the romance, the tension, the fireworks, Suzie-poo and Dusty-Bun, the Russians, the heartbreak and not to mention Alexei, oh the sweet innocent soul of Alexei. Because he was a great addition to the show,  I thought it would be a fun idea to make a shirt based off him. So let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

  1. A T-shirt

You’ll need a plain T-shirt that you’ll want to wear. It can be any colour you like! If you don’t have any plain shirts in your cupboard, and don’t want to spend money on buying a new one, plan a thrift shopping day! 

2. Fabric paint

Because you’ll be painting on material you’ll need fabric paint, you can buy this at any art supply store including Officeworks, Lincraft, and Spotlight.  

3. Paint brushes

You’ll need paint brushes that have a thin brush, thin brushes help get a nice straight line.

 Try to avoid old stiff paint brushes. Also, another handy tool to have is a paint dish, works well if you want to mix colours together! 

4. Cardboard

In order to stop the paint from soaking through the back of the shirt, a thick cardboard is necessary to put in between. Make sure you have a piece that covers the whole area of the shirt. 

5. Sharpie

Aren’t sharpies great! They’re so useful! Basically you’ll need this for an outline for your “No cherry no deal” quote from Alexei. This will help create straight lines for your words and create a template. 

Flatten out the shirt when you start writing, it won’t create as many creases in your words. You can also use a pencil to mark out a line so it’s in a straight line. You write the quote wherever on your shirt. I just put mine in the center. 

So now that you know what you need, the steps from here are simple! 

6. Paint time!

Simply use a small paint brush and trace around the template you made. I had to go over my words a couple of times, so this does take a bit of time. Be creative with this! If you’re a great drawer or painter use your skills! 

Ta daaa! The final result, now this does require a bit of time and patience but it’s totally worth it! For all the Stranger Things fans, here is an inexpensive way to wear what you love watching! Now go and unleash your creative side!



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