Get Focused With This Awesome Iphone Lens

Technology has come a long way, especially for creatives. It’s become efficient, convenient and simple. It seems more and more filmmakers are making films on their phones and photographers are capturing the same quality as a DSLR on theirs too. Pretty cool right!

Recently I’ve discovered Moment which provides awesome mobile photography gear for iPhones, Pixels and Galaxy phones. Not only do they have different types of lenses they also sell battery photo cases, tripods, sliders, rigs, filters and more! 

The most recent lens they’ve put out is the Moment 58mm lens, a wide-angle lens that is optimized for both single and dual-lens devices and has a 4x optical zoom. This feature has a great depth of field, great for capturing portraits or getting that close-up shot. It’s sharp in the center with natural drop-off edges. 

Image from Google

This lens gives a professional and cinematic shot, great for filmmakers and vloggers on the move. One of the highest factors about Moment 58mm lens is that it’s lightweight, you don’t need to carry a lot of gear with you to get one shot. It’s literary you, your phone and the lens. 

Another great tool that Moment offers is the Moment app, you can edit your photos and videos with all the professional features, you can shoot and edit all in one go! Check out their website here for more information on lenses and gear. Discover the simplicity and freedom of shooting on your phone! Creatives it’s time to go capture your moments.



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