Why It’s Important To Be A Triple Threat.

Being a creative can be challenging, especially when there’s so many creatives trying to be the best, be successful, and become more innovative. So why is a triple threat so important?

There’s an abundance of endless opportunities and it’s also an attractive asset in the entertainment industry. I always get reminded of how Tom Holland landed the role of Spiderman. In one scene he had to do a flip and land. Now of course, not many people would actually do this in the audition room because it requires a lot of skills. However, Tom definitely has a finger in every pie when it comes to skills, dancing, acrobatics and gymnastics just to name a few. Tom went for the backflip and nailed it, Joe Russo was immediately impressed and that was one of the main reasons he landed the role of Spiderman. 

Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

Whether you’ve had training in athletics, singing, photography, or dancing it’s important as an artist to hone in on them. If you’re an aspiring actor it can seem like a very daunting experience. But, taking time to learn new things and improving on current skills before going into the big, wide world will help. It opens up doorways for jobs in the industry and makes you more appealing to directors, casting directors, talent agencies, and other high professions. 

As an actor, you never know what certain characters require or what the director might ask you to do in the audition room. So it’s best to always be ready to pull a trick out of your bag. 

You never want to be in a situation where the director asks you to sing (could be anything, this is just an example) and you reply with, ‘Sorry, I can’t.“ It can make you miss out on potential opportunities, and it can also show the director your limited skills you have.

One of the worst things as a creative is seeing someone else get to do want you want, knowing that you could bring more to the table. I know not everyone can sing or do certain skills, but if you know you can a little, you can always attend training, workshops, classes or by simply practicing skills yourself. Starting somewhere is always a good place to be. 

Once you’ve gotten a few skills under your belt make sure you include them on your resume. It’s so important! You don’t want to go unnoticed. Be sure to put down skills that you are good at though. You don’t want to put archery on your resume if you’ve never done it. 

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

So what types of threats should you have or learn? 

Singing is always a great skill, you can audition for musicals or even become a musician. I know this can be a competitive field, but remember there’s only one you, and you’re pretty unique. Be different and create your own style, if you stand out from others, people will notice you. Singing is something that needs to be practiced though. Sing until your heart’s content!

Sports, this is very broad, but anything from athletics, stunts, rock climbing, driving, surfing, freediving, or archery could open up different roles for you. If you landed a role, let’s say a surfer and you’ve had experience surfing then it’s going to save you and the film crew a lot of time in training. Having athletic abilities help, just look at Tom Holland. 

Photography is a very hot topic right now, every time I scroll on Instagram there’s so many great artsy photos and photographers promoting their work. Photography is a great freelance job and could help bring in some money. We love photos, and there’s so many varieties –wedding photography, portraits, landscapes, and more! So if you love taking photos or you’ve developed the skill, start putting your work out there, let people know your name and build your content!   

Dancing, another great skill to have. This can get you into musicals, music videos, dancing shows and even tours with well known artists. Dance helps you to become strong and flexible, it’s also a great way to express yourself!

So if you know you’re good at least three of these, start honing in on them. You could look into different training places, courses or classes. Your body is a great tool, use it well, and keep practicing new or old skills because you never know what job might come your way or what opportunities lay ahead. Be the very best creative you can be!



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