The Best Of The Best Indie Soundtracks

Who doesn’t love an innovative, quirky, movie with a killer soundtrack! Indie films do a great job at delivering great stories about solid characters that don’t necessarily get that much attention, at least not like a hollywood production with a steady budget. Why are they so good and why do they capture our hearts so much? Perhaps it’s all in the music, the lyrics, or unique melodies that somehow touch us deeper and connect us to the story even more. 

Here’s a list of films with memorable soundtracks that you’ll fall in love with:

500 Days Of Summer 

What a classic! This is not your average love story with a happy ending, but rather a realistic take on a relationship that doesn’t work out like he or she expected. Something that really defines this film is definitely the soundtrack, if you’re a fan of indie folk rock bands such as The Smiths, Simon and Garfunkel, Wolfmother and The Temper Trap you’ll really like this. Regina Spektor is also a great pick for the film, with her two songs Hero and Us. One of the things that I love most about this movie is how the songs can change so much of the mood and tone. At times it can be poetic and other times it be grunge and folky. 500 Days Of Summer makes a memorable soundtrack, great for a day at home or getting stuff done! 


Lion consists mostly of instrumental tracks, composed by Dustin O’Halloran. The score is entwined with piano and strings which mostly sound melancholy, it adds so much emotion to the film, even without lyrics. The soundtrack moves at a slow pace, much like the film, which serves the story well. If you haven’t seen this film already, I would highly suggest it! The visuals and sounds are both heartwarming and captivating. This soundtrack is great for some inspiration or simply great for background music, instrumental music can help take away the noise of lyrics. 

A Ghost Story

The soundtrack for A Ghost Story is very artsy and folky and has both instrumental and lyrical songs. It ranges from soft dramatic strings composed by Daniel Hart to an edgy indie song called “I Get Overwhelmed” by Dark Rooms. The soundtrack sets the tone for more of a melancholy feel because the film deals with issues like loss and depression, so it does a great job at creating sounds so fitting to the visuals. This film is definitely underrated, personally I think it’s one of the best indie films out there. This soundtrack is great if you’re feeling a bit sad or even if you want to reflect on things. 

Manchester By The Sea

When I first watched this movie, I didn’t know what to expect. I just know I didn’t expect it to be so heavy and sad. It’s a slow pace film with a lot of real moments, and I think it’s a beautiful film with a soundtrack that matches it well, it has dynamic but simple sounds like strings, piano and angelic voices, composed by Lesley Barber. Definitely a film worth watching and listening to. This soundtrack is great as a background track or simply if you’re in a mellow mood. 

Swiss Army Man 

When I first saw this film, the first thing I did after was listen to the soundtrack. Not only are the songs good, they’re catchy and fun! The sounds perfectly capture the essence of the film which is both vibrant and quirky. The musicians behind the songs are Andy Hall and Robert Dowell, Atlanta based indie rock artists. Most of the songs throughout the film are eerie, peaceful, hopeful, and upbeat. There’s a song in the film called ‘Montage’ and it depicts how much creativity can really go into one song, most of the sounds are acapella and orchestral with lyrics. If you are an indie film lover that likes different styles, then you’ll like this! This soundtrack is great to listen to if you’re putting on a load of laundry or doing the housework, or even going on a road trip. 


Greenberg has a classic indie sounding soundtrack made by James Murphy. It’s similar to a Wes Anderson movie but not quite. The songs in this film have a low-key gentle vibe, an upbeat indie rock vibe and a smooth melancholy vibe. It’s worth a watch and listen! This soundtrack is great for a road trip or even adding it to one of your Spotify playlists.

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are has a great soundtrack! The instrumental acoustics are simple and folky which pairs well with the films imagery. Through the story and sound I think this film does a great job at reminding us of how to be a kid again. It’s such a beautiful and happy sounding film, who agrees?! This soundtrack is great for a road trip or even just listening to it, it has so many wonderful songs for any mood!

Little Miss Sunshine

Another classic! Little Miss Sunshine has a great soundtrack with a mix of indie rock and indie folk music, the majority of the soundtrack is made my Devotchka and the score was made by Mychael Danna. They also include artists like Stufjan Stevens, Rick James and Tony Tisdale. If you’re a fan of these types of styles you’ll like this! This soundtrack is great for road trips!

Soundtracks are an important part in the filmmaking process, I couldn’t imagine movies without them, they create emotions, moods and can serve the story even more. Even though indie movies might not have big budgets they can still be just as creative sounding if not more.



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