Get Inspiration From This Awesome Filmmaker

Sil Van Der Woerd is one of those independent filmmakers that really grabs your attention. He’s a Dutch music video and short film director that brings depth and creativity to every project. He began his studies at the The Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands, and started out doing visual effects, then moved to the Gnomon School in Hollywood

to further his studies in animation. Storytelling, composition, tone, innovation, and a director’s vision are all important elements in creating successful projects, Sil takes every aspect of those elements and uses it for the purpose of cinematic storytelling, and his work is absolutely astounding. 

In one of my previous articles I talked about BirthPlace a music video he directed. It shows the story of a man encountering the neglect of nature in the form of ocean trash. For the video they created a life-sized whale made out of trash and it was entirely shot underwater. When I first came across the behind the scenes of this video I was so impressed with the amount of creativity and thought that went into making it. Filmmakers, I would encourage you to give this video a watch! 

That wasn’t the only one that impressed me, his short film Growth shows the ups and downs inside a family’s home in one continuous shot, all I thought while watching it was ‘how’d they do that!?’ 

In his short film Requiem, he wanted to bring awareness to whaling, so he created a story about the last blue whale facing it’s greatest enemy, mankind. With the combination of animation, real life, and music it delivers such a powerful message about the implications we have on our planet. 

Sil directed Nosia’s music video ‘Mantra’ which explores the challenges refugees face on their journey in finding a safe home. A visually captivating video that’s not only cinematically pleasing, but thought-provoking. That’s one of the reasons why I love his work, and why I think filmmakers should get inspiration from him, he uses film to influence, not just entertain. 

If any of these films have inspired you and you want to find out more, here’s his website, where you can find all of his work and behind the scenes. He’s an award-winning independent filmmaker that keeps on creating and making! Check out one of his recent music videos from Novo Amors song Repeat Until Death, the cinematography is both creative and stunning!



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