It’s Unbelievably Good: New Crime Series On Netflix

Unbelievable, a shocking, tenacious, and desponent mini series depicting the victims of rape. It’s one of the best crime shows and delicately explores true stories with compassion and insight. It’s hard to watch but completely thought-provoking. 

Marie’s Story

The eight part series is based on the true story of Marie Adler, an 18 year old, who told police she was raped, then later lied about it, having to report what happened to her over and over. 

After noticing inconsistencies in her stories, law enforcement wanted her to write out another statement of what really happened, she then stated that she dreamed of someone breaking in and raping her. Because of the false claims she was charged with false reporting which lead her to a year in prison, however, committing to paying a $500 court fee, and attending counselling she was spared from prison. 

Two years after this, detectives Grace Rassumen and Karen Duvall came across two similar incidents to Marie’s and found a man named Marc O’leary, who was later found guilty after having evidence from taking photographs of his victims, Marie was one of them. 

The show

While Unbelievable focuses on the heartbreaking case of Marie, the series also explore stories from the other sexual assault victims linked to the same rapist as Marie’s, it takes place in Washington and Colorado during 2001 to 2008, the series shows the progression of how police offcials and detectives initially handled the rape of Marie, and as time goes on the cases are dealt with more care and proficent work. 

It’s great that the show sticks very in-line to Marie’s story, in the first episode where Marie has to have her medical examination at the hospital, it showed an accurate representation of what she had to do and what the procedure was. 

Unbelievable not only retold their stories but respected those that were affected and did a great job at portraying it as real as possible. 

In the show, the rapist was named Christopher MCcarthy, but in real life was Marc O’leary. 

After the two other assaults that happened in Colorado, detectives Grace and Karen were on the hunt. The series conveys their hard work and determination, they finally connect the dots and catch him. O’leary plead guilty to the rape of three woman, and was sentenced 327 days in prison. 

When Marie watched the show and saw her accuser behind bars, she said it finally gave her closure. This show has not only become successful but it’s become a voice and it’s done a substantial favor to those involved. 

The cast of Unbelievable are just phenomenal, Toni Colette (Hereditary) plays detective Grace Rassuman, Merritt Wever (The Walking Dead) plays detective Karen Duvall, and Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart) plays Marie Adler. All of their performances are captivating and honest, especially because they’re not just telling a story but a true story with pretty heavy content. In almost every episode Kaitlyn cried, now that’s a lot of emoting, she did a great job at putting herself in the shoes of Marie. 

All of the actors in the show portray such dynamic characters, detective Grace Rasmussen is fierce and focused, she’s one of the best detectives out there. Detective Karen Duvall is gentle and determined, she’ll let nothing get in the way of getting the job done. Both of their performances are brilliant, this show is a must watch, for the acting and for the story. The writing and visuals of Unbelievable leave you in a state of empathy and awareness of what the woman dealt with, and what the process was like. This show is one of the best shows of 2019, it’s an inspiration and deserves attention.



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