Helpful Tips On How You Can Be Fearless When Vlogging In Public

Vlogging has become a popular outlet for creatives, YouTubers, artists, travelers, and everyday people. It’s become a trend that a lot of people are getting into as it’s a great way to express who you are, show people what you’ve been up to, put your own content out, and simply entertain.

 Nowadays you can shoot an awesome vlog on just your iPhone, how convenient! You don’t have to have all the fancy gear when it comes to vlogging, you just need you, good lighting, a good editing app and away you go!

But, for vloggers that are just starting out or are a little camera shy you might have a hard time vlogging in a public place because let’s face it, it can be embarrassing. Filming in an open area is very different from vlogging in your usual comfortable place, like your room. However, vlogging can be a great tool to really boost your camera confidence, the more you do it the better you’ll be.

So here are some simple tips to help you get over your fear of people:

The first thing is to get rid of your What If’s, what if people hear what you’re saying? What if people stare at you? What if they give you weird looks? Be confident even if you don’t feel it, the camera can really pick up on how your feeling so fake it to you make it, own it! 

Second thing is to record in clips, record it, hit, get it, go! Recording in clips will help you get organized when your putting your vlog together and will definitely save you time.

Third thing is to focus on the people that will watch your vlog not the people around you, honestly, the people around you don’t really care. Vlogging in public has become a very normal thing, so remember you’re not alone! 

Lastly, if you’re still building up your confidence you can find a place that is a quieter area to shoot at, so you’re still out and about but you don’t have to be in the hustle and bustle of it all. 

Vlogging does take practice, don’t get discouraged if you don’t quite have the confidence yet, keep recording simple vlog topics like a day in a life, adventure vlogs, or even tutorials, just anything to get yourself in front of the camera. Remember record it, hit, get it, go and be the best creative you can be!



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