Top 5 Movies To Look Forward To In The New Year

As we approach the new year, it is time once again to get excited for the soon to be popular movies that 2020 will bring. Here’s a list of the top 5 movies I believe will be blockbuster hits in the new year.

We all know that any superhero movies are sure to be box office smashes, so this list isn’t going to include them. Instead, the list will consist of movies with a strong premise, good casting, and have similarities to movies that have done well in the past. 

Without further adieu, let’s get started!

Five: The Invisible Man

Loosely based on the novel by H. G. Wells and the 1933 and 2006 adaptations, The Invisible Man, is a story of a woman who believes her abusive partner turned himself invisible and staged his suicide so he could torture her without anyone finding out.

This film stars The Handmaid’s Tale star, Elisabeth Moss, as the protagonist.

I believe this film will do well given it is classified as a science fiction, psychological horror. Many people love horror films, and the trailer does justice to the storyline.

Four: Free Guy

Free Guy follows Guy (Ryan Reynolds) a bank teller in an open world video game, who decides to break away from his normal routine and venture into the world to create his own adventure. 

Along the way he realises he is in a video game and gets wrapped up in outrageous mischief and recklessness. 

I believe this film will do well because it is unusual and goofy, as well as action packed. With the current era we are in with film, I believe this movie will do really well. 

Three: Onward

Onward is a children and family movie set in a modernised fantasy land. The story follows two brothers who set out on an adventure to see if there is still magic in the world. The film stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as the brothers.

It is no question that children’s movies will do very well, just look at Frozen or Tangled. This movie in particular catches my eye given the great plot and good cast. 

Two: Soul

Soul is a movie about a music teacher named Joe (Jamie Foxx) who dreams of playing at the New York Jazz Club, but ends up dying before he is able. 

Not too much has been revealed regarding how the plot of this movie will unfold, but from the trailer, it has promise. The trailer is cute and inspiring, seeming to be yet another home run from Disney Pixar Studios.

One: Mulan

Following the 1998 version, Mulan, is the story of a young woman named Mulan (Liu Yifei) who, while trying to bring honor to her family name, joins the Chinese Army and fights the Huns. 

This movie I believe will do the best because it is a remake of a classic and has such a promising trailer. The story of Mulan is one that is perfect for the socio-economic climate right now. 

This film is one that is empowering to women but also respectful to all people. I believe Mulan is sure to be the biggest box office smash of 2020.

While there are many other movies to look forward to this year, I believe these films in particular are the creative masterpieces that may just take 2020 by storm.



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