Want To Know How They Make Breakable Props For Film?

We all love popular movies with cars driving through glass shattering into a million pieces, or a classic fight scene where someone throws furniture at someone and it breaks. I bet you thought it was all real, well, they are tricking you. It’s in fact all an illusion. 

If you’re pretty curious when it comes to movies, and love to watch behind the scenes to see how they created everything, then you’ll enjoy this video, they give you all the insights about how they make breakable props. 

So what do they remake as breakable props? They make a range of different objects like mugs, bricks, rocks, glass, beer bottles, chairs and more! They take real objects and create a mold for it, and use a hot resin plastic to fill in the object. Once it’s dry and set they have a fake version that’s light and breakable. For chairs and blocks, it’s a little different. They use vacuum forming which is a sheet of plastic that’s heated to a forming temperature, stretched and then molded into the shape of the object and then 3d printed. 

The reason why these props are so breakable is because of the weak bond the plastic has, it’s very brittle and light, perfect for impact. 

These fake props look just as real as regular ones and they’re much safer. Next time you see The Rock on screen picking up something that ‘looks’ heavy, don’t get tricked! It’s probably very light and Dawyne Johnson is just putting on an act. Be on the lookout for any breakaway props you see in the next film you watch. Now you know all the ins and outs of Hollywood’s creative secrets!



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