With Just an Idea and $200 They Made a TV Pilot and So Can You

Three actors, two camcorders, and one idea is all they needed to create a TV pilot that turned into the outrageous 13 season comedy known as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The three friends originally had the show be about struggling actors in LA. When FX agreed to take the show and run with it, they decided to change the show to be about bar owners in Philadelphia, but the premise was still the same — a bunch of scumbags who always do the wrong thing and always pay the price. 

For Rob McElhenney, it started out as a writing exercise as a struggling actor in West Hollywood, and turned into a 13 year show where he had the opportunity to write, produce, and star alongside people like Danny Devito. 

So to all the dreamers with an idea, don’t be afraid to roll with it because you never know where that idea might lead you in life. 



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