This Supercut Of Name Drops By Tahani From The Good Place Will Brighten Up Your Day.

As popular movies and TV shows go, The Good Place is one of the best out there. 

If you’ve seen The Good Place, you’ll know the series has finally wrapped, which is a bittersweet feeling for many, but if you haven’t seen this ingenious show that is equal parts humour and philosophy, then I strongly suggest you give it go. 

If you’re a fan then you’ll certainly appreciate this super cut of every one of the amazingly complex and yet innocent, Tahani Al-Jamil’s name drops, and there are many! 

The name drops are an hilarious running joke throughout the show that never gets old and watching a 10 minute video of them all put together is 10 minutes of fun! Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Not only do you get a nice chuckle it’s also a fun way to sum up Tahani’s character growth from the beginning of season one right till the end.

Every one of the actors in The Good Place brings something special to the table and Tahani Al-Jamil, played by newcomer Jameela Jamil is no exception with her unique charm and wit.


  • Jay Evans


    Jay Evans has spent the last 8 years working as a film editor, 4 of which have been with The Initiative Production Company. In his spare time he enjoys music, comedy, experimental cooking and getting lost in the woods.


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