Improv: Why It’s A Skill Everyone Should Have

Improv is one of those things that has gotten a reputation for being something only creatives do, but in fact, it’s helpful in all aspects of life and is something I believe everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Not only is improv fun, but the challenges it brings can be beneficial to our everyday circumstances and may help us to think of alternative solutions to various problems we may face. 

Improv is best done in groups. This helps to grow our imagination and our active listening skills. The more we listen and go along with our scene partner, the more we are able to accomplish.

Practicing this can prove effective towards progressing our business lives, especially if we have to work on projects as teams.

 The more comfortable you become with putting yourself out there with ideas, as well as hearing and expanding the ideas of others, the more you’re able to flourish in your careers.

Yes, improv can be wacky, but the practice of thinking on your feet and cooperating with those around you can prove highly influential to your life at large. 

YouTube channel, Big Think, posted a video interviewing Chris Gethard on the topic of improv. Chris breaks down important things to remember when practicing improv, while also explaining how it’s improved his personal life.

It’s a great one to watch for those of us who are interested in the art of improv, as well as those looking to gain a better understanding of group dynamics and open communication. Give it a look for some inspiration on how to better unlock the craft of improv.



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