Get Ready For This Rebirth Of The Horrific Candyman

Nia DaCosta has decided to step up to the plate to be the creative mind behind the 2020 remake of the horror classic, Candyman

Candyman was originally introduced in 1992 and struck fear into the minds of those who watched. Similar to the legend of Bloody Mary, the way to summon Candyman is by looking in a mirror and saying his name five times. Those who do are sure to meet with a gruesome fate. 

After the film aired in 1992, I’m sure everyone thought that was the last we were going to see of the hook-handed murderer — not quite. 

DaCosta has partnered with writer/director Jordan Peele of Get Out and Us to help give new life to the once famed killer. 

YouTube channel, Movieclips Trailers, posted the freshly aired trailer for the upcoming film. It follows an artist who moves into an abandoned candy factory in search of bringing awareness of the legend, and of course, things take a turn for the worst. 

Tony Todd who originally played the candyman back in 1992 will be back to reprise his role, which will be a fantastic way to pay respect to the actor’s original performance. 

Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse at the creative remake coming this June.



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