Inspiration From Broadway In The Midst Of Isolation

It can be hard to be a creative in isolation. We forget how much we rely on others when making art. However, social distancing and isolation doesn’t have to completely kill your creative spark.

Television hosts are feeling the pain of isolation, too. In this video, James Cordan opens up about how he feels during this time. 

“And the truth is, what I’ve realized is, it’s okay.” –James Cordan

He talks about how the song “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen can help when you’re feeling down. It has everything he needs to hear, and what he feels everyone should know. 

The video ends with Ben Platt and the cast of the show singing the song from the solitude of their own homes. And it goes to show, you can still find inspiration because you are not alone.


  • Connor Sassmannshausen is a screenwriter, video producer, and social media organizer with the Initiative Production Company. She loves watching movies, nerdy t-shirts, travelling and taking broken things apart (but not necessarily putting them back together).


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