Why Actors Should Be Adventurous And Try New Things

We, actors, innately put ourselves into vulnerable situations which require a lot of courage, such as auditions, but we should be doing that more often in our personal lives as well.

Growth in our craft comes not only from practice, but also from new experiences. 

Many actors use what’s called “sense memory” to help bring a more relatable performance. In order to do this well, we need to be acquainted with different experiences. 

Food and Travel

A great place to start is with food. Trying new and exotic foods is not only exciting, but can also influence your performances. 

If you’re in a scene where your character is meant to be eating a certain type of food, it’s best to have already tried that food as it’s unlikely that the food being served will be the real thing. 

This also broadens your palette and might introduce you to new foods you never knew you loved. Being able to portray consuming different types of food can make your performance more believable, regardless of what you’re actually eating.

Travelling to new places is both useful for acting and tons of fun. Experiencing different cultures can bring depth to a character; you’ve allowed yourself to see life through another’s eyes. You’re exposed to different climates and terrains. 

Being able to access these senses can give more life to your character or scene. 

Face your fears

I’m not saying be reckless with this, but it’s a good idea to try something you’ve been afraid of doing. Whether that’s holding a spider, sky diving or flying in a plane, facing your fears is a good idea.

 Not only does facing your fears help to grow you as a person, it also helps you to know where your boundaries are. Boundaries are important in the film industry, especially for actors. We need to be able to protect ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Putting ourselves in situations that test our fears can help you know where you’re most comfortable. You could even find out you love something you were afraid of for so long. 

Don’t be reckless about this. Make sure to take precautions, and ask yourself if the fear you’re feeling is just nerves or if it’s something more. Your intuition will kick in and help you to see the difference. 

Doing things you’re afraid of is worth it and shows you that you’re much more capable than you once thought.

It’s just plain fun

At the end of the day, regardless of your worries, experiencing new things is really fun. New experiences fuel us and give us passion. They help us to understand ourselves more. When we dive right into the unknown, we become bold and relentless, desiring to see and do more. 

Actors have a brilliant opportunity to experience life to the fullest and use those experiences to inspire those around us to pursue their dreams. Not only does it give us more fuel for our acting, but it shows others that dreams are attainable and worth chasing. Plus, who doesn’t love checking things off their bucket list?

Whether it’s rock climbing or trying new foods, actors should broaden their horizons and gain new experiences, you never know how impactful it could be towards your next performance.



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