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Out of The Woods deals with family dynamics and the complexity of wanting to have a successful career and a successful family in the modern age.

Speaking outside of merely the financial side of filmmaking we believe this story has the potential to shape and change culture. We want to tell stories that are relevant and matter, and this film is both.

We’re wrapping up on post-production now and we need your help in order to tell this story. We’re not asking for a paycheck, we’re asking for your help to make this film happen.





What’s Post-Production? The Post-Production phase includes the complete editing, colour correction, and the addition of music and sound. Basically it’s when we take everything we’ve filmed over two months, and splice it together into an actual film.

Why do we need funding for this?

Even though we have majority of the film edited we still have a few milestones to cross before it’s up to par of a feature film you’d see in cinemas.

Most of the money we need goes towards:

A Composer

– Sound Mixing/Mastering

– Marketing/Finishing touches

These things might seem small, but this is what makes or breaks the final product.


WILL DENOVAN wakes up in the middle of a vast forest. He’s dirty. His clothes are muddy and disheveled. He has two scabbed over wounds on his abdomen. He doesn’t know where he is. He has no memory of how he got there. His only desire is to get out of the woods and back to his family.

Taking refuge in a small hunting cabin he struggles to adapt in his new surroundings, but the woods are not what they seem. No matter what he tries, the woods will not let him go. He can’t escape. Will tries his best to remember anything from his past that can help him piece together how he got in this situation. He finds a picture of his family that focuses his attention on the past…

…laboring to survive and driven to succeed in his life before the woods, Will tries to make a name for himself as a real estate power broker. Everything’s looking up for him as he climbs the competitive corporate ladder. It is not until Will meets ROBYN, that he realizes there could be more to life than simply surviving.

They marry, but after a few years the challenges mount up; Will begins to hide things from Robyn and she begins to question if they’re truly a family.

To everyone else, Will’s someone who’s made it, but he has his secrets…

Trying to maintain a high functioning lifestyle proves too difficult, and an addiction to prescription medication becomes out of control.

…With the woods testing all his limits Will’s forced to relive his spiraling past and ultimately conquer his fiercest opponent… Himself. He must find a new way to survive, or he may never find his way out of the woods.



Special Thanks

We’ll give you a personal thanks on our social media profiles!

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With a $50 donation, you will receive a “The Out of the Woods Project” parallax (motion photo) sent to you digitally.

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Media Packet

Receive our “The Out of the Woods” Digital Concept Art and a “The Out of the Woods Project” Parallax (motion photo).

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Receive a signed title page of the script from the writers of “The Out of the Woods Project,” a “The Out of the Woods” Air Freshener, as well as a movie still signed by the director and producer.

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Have a Chat

Have a Skype video call with a crew member from “The Out of the Woods Project” as well a digital copy of the script, and all previous perks.

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Funding Investor

You will receive your name in the credits of the film as a Funding Investor, along with a packet of movie merchandise from the film! All previous perks are included as well.

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Associate Producer

With this contribution, you will receive an IMDb credit as well as your name in the credits as Associate Producer!! All previous perks are included.

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Writer/Director Jason Solari


From start to finish it’ll be over four years since groundwork was laid for this film.

The entirety of Out of The Woods was a passion project, no one on set received anything for the combined three months of pre-production and production.

Your donation doesn’t go into our pockets, it simply goes to finishing a project that’s been years in the making.

We aren’t a multi-million dollar production company and we don’t have sponsors lining our pockets with cash; we’re just a few filmmakers that love what we do. Without your support, this film simply doesn’t happen.

You aren’t just donating to a movie, you’re making a vision come to life.

Out of the Woods is our second film as a production company; the first having secured an international distribution deal is, The Umbrella.

The Umbrella Movie Trailer #2

Trailer for The Umbrella directed by Jason Solari.

The Initiative Production Company – http://www.theinitiativepro.com/

Funding is always a risk when it comes to independent filmmaking. Without everything that is needed being provided by a backing studio, crowd funding is the only way to get our films off the ground. We want all of our supporters to know that the money raised is going towards the project and not to us. It’s not that we want to ask for money, we have to.

Another risk is popularity and competition. There are more and more films being made each year and producing a film that stands out against the rest isn’t easy. As a company we have a strong belief in marketing through social media and a bit of experience to back it up. We’re confident that we can make this movie happen.

If you have any other questions about this project or who we are that has not been satisfactorily answered in this campaign, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your support!

e-mail: [email protected]


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