5 Ways to Focus on the Experience Rather than your Dream to Stardom

For the dreamers, the creatives, the go getters and the goal setters. It seems like the best way to reach a desired dream would be to focus entirely on reaching that dream, chase after it and put all your time and energy into achieving it. But that way is far from ideal and sometimes a little unrealistic. The best way is to shift the focus from the outcome you’re hoping for and put more attention on the little steps that will help you get to where you want to be. You will learn more, become more successful and have a lot more experience. Here are 5 ways to focus on the experience rather than your dream to stardom:

Be in the present

Thinking ahead of time can be head spinning and can stir up a lot of questions like, ‘How am I going to make it?’ ‘Am I going to succeed?’ Or ‘What if my chances of being a great actor are really small?’ We strive to be looking-forward, goal oriented and result focused because we’re unsatisfied with the present and striving for a better future, the future that we want. But we can miss out on the opportunities happening now. Stop, breathe and enjoy the now, let the future be and focus on today, just today.

Invite room in for growth

Without having short term goals or visions it eliminates the process of experiences and experiments, the most important thing you need in the film industry. Specifically focusing on the ultimate result, we are less willing to take advice, less inclined to experiment and less likely to grow. Learn to be more adaptable and mouldable as it will establish your character as well as help you become less attached with your desired outcomes.


Fail, fail, fail! Failing is actually good. If you don’t fail how are you supposed to learn from your mistakes? Look at it like a chance to try again. Sometimes life can seem like a stair case of failures rather than a staircase of success. Have you ever thought that failing could be a motivator for you to step up to success?

Find worth in your efforts

Your efforts are more important than your performances, when you put your best efforts forward the process itself becomes exciting more rewarding, despite your outcome.

Craft over outcome

Most important, focus on your craft over the outcome. You don’t want your craft going rusty if all your doing is spending all your time invested in the future. Your craft is not just dreaming of the future, your craft is practical. It needs to be used and trained in order for you to be better. Outcomes are far more easier than the long journey of progression but success doesn’t appear straight out of thin air, it takes work, hard work. The more you can focus on your craft and blur out your dream to stardom the more experienced, excellent and happier you will be as actors.



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