Will The Sequel Save Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad left the film community wanting when it didn’t quite meet the expectations to critics and fans alike. Now, we’re getting all sorts of information about the sequel, along with some speculation by the fans. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Suicide Squad is going to be more of a relaunch of the story instead of a sequel.

With the release date currently set for 6 August 2021, we have some time to wait, and anything could happen. Will it save the franchise from destroying itself?

The Director

A while back, it was announced that James Gunn was brought on board to direct the film. You may remember him as the director of the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films. He’s also slated to direct the third installment as well. 

There are some rumors and fans have been speculating about the cast and the characters we may be seeing in the film. But James Gunn has made a statement on his social media:

The Story

We don’t know much regarding the story of the film. James Gunn sits at the helm as director and writer, which is what he did with Guardians of the Galaxy, films about a gang of outcast criminals who fight bigger Bad Guys with the morally gray antics.

The Returning

Margot Robbie will be coming back as Harley Quinn. She’ll continue on with the character in Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and it’s been announced that she’ll continue with the character in the expected Gotham City Sirens. There are also rumors of a Joker and Harley movie. But as far as her character within this film: She’s in it!

Viola Davis is coming back as the enigmatic Amanda Waller. With her no-nonsense attitude, Davis has perfected, she’s the best the ruthless character that keeps a team of supervillains in line. 

Jai Courtney will be reprising his role at Captain Boomerang. Since the first film, he’s been in Alita: Battle Angel and forthcoming Semper Fi. With the character so underutilized in the first film, maybe he’ll be used to his full potential.

Joel Kinnaman is another reprisal, as Rick Flag. Recently, he was Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon. As the one not villain on the team, Rick Flag could play a huge role as the antiheroes’ guiding light.

The Newcomers 

David Dastmalchian is listed as playing a character called Polka-Dot Man, an obscure Batman bad guy. Previously, he’s been in The Dark Knight, Bird Box, Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Blade Runner 2049. Polka-Dot Man is a sworn enemy of Batman (one of many we’ll be seeing) who can turn his polka-dots on his body into weapons. He’ll be an interesting one to see.

King Shark is a character we’ll be seeing in the film. Michael Rooker also had rumors circulating about him taking the role, but he’s denied them. Recently, Steve Agee has been confirmed for the role. The humanoid shark, for people who aren’t comic fans, is a dangerous killer. Imagine that, a killer in the Suicide Squad, whoda thought?

Ratcatcher is a male villain in the comics. The former exterminator in Gotham City controls rodents and plays with poisonous gas. Well, James Gunn has gender-bent him into a woman, with Daniela Melchior cast. How will the character change with the change?

Idris Elba, who you may recognize as Heimdall in the Thor films and Avengers: Infinity War, has joined the cast. There was speculation that he’d be taking over for Will Smith as Deadshot, but it’s been announced that he’ll be playing a new character. The guess from many fans is Bronze Tiger, a master martial artist who is both hero and assassin. 

Storm Reid, from A Wrinkle in Time and Euphoria, has a bit of certainty regarding her. She’s Idris Elba’s character’s daughter, whoever that may be. 

Peacemaker loves peace enough to kill for it. That seems a bit counterproductive to me, but there you go. While I can’t find anything to confirm it, IMDb has WWE star, John Cena, cast as Peacemaker. Apart from WWE, you may have seen him in Bumblebee and is slated to appear in Fast & Furious 9.

From here on in, all we know are people who are in the cast. With no definitive casting, fans love to speculate who they could possibly be. Which characters and actors will be correctly paired when the film hits the big screen?

Nathan Fillion: Firefly, Castle, The Rookie, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. He’s done quite a bit on television. If you’re looking for him on the big screen: Serenity and Much Ado About Nothing. The speculation: Booster Gold. The reason: apparently it’s been a dream of Fillion’s for a while. Maybe he’ll get his wish.

Brother to the director, Sean Gunn can be found in many of his films, including the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. He was also on set for them, and Avengers: Infinity War, in a completely different context: On-Set Rocket. So, you could find him running around in a green suit so the rest of the cast had someone to act with when interacting with the computer-generated raccoon. Between the two sides, there are any number of characters he could play, but one theory is Ragdoll.

Actor/director Taika Waititi has done a number of things. He voices Korg, the rock-guy in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame. He also can be seen in What We Do in the Shadows and Jojo Rabbit. With his skill with voices and accents, many think he could be the Ventriloquist made modern.

Peter Capaldi, known for his portrayal of the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who, has kept quiet on his role. But one thing he can’t hide his new look. His hair is gone. Along with the shaved head, he’s also said his role requires make-up and prosthetics. He’ll have to be bald to help the make-up team transform him into…. well, we don’t know, yet. Fans have guessed Mr. Freeze, Doctor Light, Multi-Man or Spider Jerusalem. Multi-Man would be an ironic choice given he’s reborn after every death, just like another character Capaldi has played. 

Flula Borg, a German singer, and actor known for his roles in Pitch Perfect 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet, may not be one of the mains, rumors say. He may only be the love interest of one of the leads. But some fans are holding out for him to be Sonar, one of Green Lantern’s villains who uses sound to assist in his crimes. 

Juan Diego Botto is an Argentinian actor that isn’t well known in the rest of the world. Fans guess he’ll be playing Rac Shade aka The Changing Man, an alien on Earth.

Tinashe Kajese could be playing Vixen, an animal-mimic from the fictional Zambesi, which is based on Zimbabwe, making the Zimbabwe-born actress a perfect choice. 

Michael Rooker has made a name for himself playing crazies and tough guys. From Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead to Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy, the part of Mark Shaw could be a good pick for him. The character has a wide range between the Manhunter and the Privateer, and Michael Rooker could be someone who could pull it off. 

Joaquín Casío can be found in Quantum of Solace, The Lone Ranger, and Savages. Some people speculate he’ll be playing The Mayor an older villain who loves war. 

Mayling Ng is in The Scorpion King: Book of Souls and a number of forthcoming films: Muna, Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids, and Acceleration. She also played one of the Amazons in Wonder Woman, so the thought is she’ll continue on that line and be Duchess, a warrior woman with no memory of her identity as Lashina.

Pete Davidson, from Saturday Night Live and The Dirt, has nothing said about his character, like so many others. The leading theory for him is Multiplex, a self-cloning villain. With his ability to die and die again, could lend a bit of the comedic effect the James Gunn’s known for.

Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress known for Brazil, I Am Legend, and forthcoming The New Mutants. Between her film history and the lineup of the Suicide Squad from the comics, she could be playing Black Orchid, a heroine that could have a wide variety of backstories.

Julio Ruiz has done a plethora of things, and with that wide range, fans are having trouble pinning down who he could be playing. Egghead, maybe?

Jennifer Holland’s characters from American Horror Story and Sun Records seem to make her the perfect person to play Nightshade, some fans say. As one of the few heroic characters portrayed in the Suicide Squad in the comics, she could be an interesting piece on the villianous boards.

If you have any thoughts on which characters these actors could be playing, sound off in the comments, and we’ll see who’s right.


  • Connor Sassmannshausen is a screenwriter, video producer, and social media organizer with the Initiative Production Company. She loves watching movies, nerdy t-shirts, travelling and taking broken things apart (but not necessarily putting them back together).


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