This Is What Happens When Villains Meet Villains

Looks like the tables turn in this tenacious new film Villains, starring Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroe. Usually in most cases, the villains get caught by the good guys and are rightfully put into place, well, that’s not the case in this film. The bad guys meet their unforeseen enemies.

Villains follow a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ couple, who are on the run making their way to the Sunshine State of Florida to have a fresh start, while making money by robbing gas stations on their travels. When their car breaks down they find an opportunity to steal a car from a nearby house. Well, unbeknownst to them, they messed with the wrong people. George and Gloria, the owners of the car, come across as normal and well presented folks until, Mikey (Bill Skarsgard) and Jules (Maika Monroe) find some strange secrets in their home. Mikey and Jules come face to face with their villains and find out that George and Gloria won’t let them leave. Will they make it out alive? That’s the question.

The stakes are raised when villains meet villains, will the Mikey and Jules end up being the good guys? Will they make it out alive? 

Villains, looks entertaining and somewhat comedic, the trailer definitely leaves the audience wondering how it will all pan out. It has some tenacious twists and turns but overall looks like it could be a fun one to watch.



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