The Amazing International Music of Popular Princesses

There’s no arguing that the writers of Disney music are creative in the extreme. They capture the emotion of the characters and convey everything they’re feeling in the moment in catchy tunes that can haunt parents as small ones demand to listen to Let it Go for the hundredth time in the last hour.

Whether you’ve been driven mad by those songs or still love them, you have to admit there’s a reason people adore them. They’re catching and beautifully written.

But what if they were written in the character’s native language? Check out this video to hear the Disney Princesses sing their iconic songs in the language of the land where these popular movies actually take place.


  • Connor Sassmannshausen is a screenwriter, video producer, and social media organizer with the Initiative Production Company. She loves watching movies, nerdy t-shirts, travelling and taking broken things apart (but not necessarily putting them back together).


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