With today’s technology you still have a good opportunity to create creative special effects that look good. There are scenes that look incredible, but when you look behind the scenes you might see: Oh, they did it with CGI.

YouTubeChannel Mind Warehouse created a video with some incredible scenes made without CGI or are partly done without it. 

Did you know, in Fast and Furious 7 they really throw cars out of an airplane!? They were fixed on parachutes and freefalling half of the way down. Sky divers jumped right in front and after them to capture the scene.

Mad Max: Fury Road is known for the many stunts done with little CGI. For example, the final chase was real. It was shot in the desert, and then other cars were edited in post.For the scenes shot in London in 28 Days Later the local police blocked the streets at 4am for only an hour. So a few of the most important people on set were standing on the edges of the camera’s frame, charming people to stay back, explaining to residents and These are just a few examples! Have fun with these creative scenes made without CGI.



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