This Is What Happens When An Actor Makes Their Own Content

Creating content can be intimidating, but it’s actually a really helpful tool for actors to use. 

Content creation is something every actor should desire to do. Not only does it help get your name out there, but it also gives you a peek at what directors might be looking for when casting. 

When creating content, you want to make sure you know who your audience is. Just like social media influencers, our content is intended for a certain demographic, and as such, we need to cater for that. 

A great starting point for actors is writing screenplays. 

When you write a screenplay, you open yourself up to the mindset of a writer and director. Instead of just thinking of one particular role, you look at the entire story and determine what is best to drive the story forward. 

The more screenplays you write, the better you will become at interacting with your scene partners. You will begin to see the subtleties within a scene more clearly and know how to best respond to them to help expand the story. 

Another form of content creation actors should utilize is vlogging. 

Vlogging doesn’t need to be strictly travel or adventure based. It could be as simple as reciting monologues. Regardless of your content, vlogging is really helpful for actors, because it makes you think outside the box and gives you the skills of editing. 

When creating vlogs, editing is essential. Just as with writing, you need to understand your audience and what catches their eye. Editing is the tool to do just that. Being able to use editing software is a skill  every actor should have. It can take you so far within the film industry. It can open doors to edit for short films, features, tv, and more. Vlogging is one way to start that process. It’s also a great way to get comfortable in front of a camera. 

When vlogging, especially if you’re doing a travel/adventure vlog, you are speaking to the camera as if it were a person. This is useful for an actor, because you could be asked to audition in front of a camera, or provide a self tape (which is very similar to a vlog).

Getting as much time in front of the camera is incredibly useful for an actor. It can help with discomfort as well as knowing how to present yourself.

 Vlogging is a great tool actors can use to learn practical editing skills and can help to get yourself noticed by potential casting directors. A social media presence can be quite helpful nowadays and vlogging is a great way to start. 

If you put these things into practice, you will not only start to get noticed, but you will also become a highly valuable person to any film crew.



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