Hey Umbrellites!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day we reflect on the things we love.

Things that make the world a better place to be.

Things like…

50. The low rumble of distant thunder

49. The unwrapping of a Kinder egg

48. Hi-fives

47. A perfect Google search

46. The weight of a tripod on your shoulder

45. Essie ‘Matte about you’ nail polish

44. An after-lunch toothpick

43. The feeling of joy when the lights dim in the cinema

42. A desk full of happy meal toys

41. Befriending a wild animal

40. Freshly brewed coffee

39. Good fathers

38. Secret menu items at fast food joints

37. Dollar Tuesdays at the video store

36. Jeans that fit perfectly

35. Groups of people willing to set apart their differences and work as a team. Like Batman and Superman teaming up…

34. An unexpected sword fight

33. High speed photographs of kittens playing

32. Opening a pack of black licorice

31. Having the right tool for a job

30. People sporting eye-patches or trendy facial scars

29. Being able to seamlessly fit a movie quote into a conversation

28. People-watching at the airport

27. Bubbles. Just bubbles

26. Investigating strange sounds

25. Eavesdropping on people speaking in languages you don’t understand

24. Old, wind-up music boxes

23. Riding bikes on the lakefront

22. Fairy tales

21. A new tattoo

20. Fulfilled promises

19. Collaborating on a story

18. Fresh camera equipment

17. The hiss when you open a can of soda

16. Dusty objects of unknown origin

15. Pitch perfect RAC focus

14. A well manicured lawn

13. Sand between your toes

12. Listening to pouring rain from under a tin roof

11. Hearing your favorite song in a public place

10. An endless procession of Youtube videos

9. Walking along train tracks

8. Watching the sun rise or set with a hot beverage

7. Bomb diving competitions

6. Watching freshly captured footage

5. Flying just above the clouds in a plane

4. Ultimate Frisbee on a wet field

3. Old episodes of your favorite childhood TV show

2. Our Indiegogo supporters

1. Shooting a feature film!

That’s us. What do you love? Tell us in the comment section below, and have an awesome Valentine’s Day


-The Initiative



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