Hello every body and every owner of that body!

    We have hit the last week of Production! It’s a Bitter Sweet Symphony, as The Verve would say.

    I predict many shed tears, even from the famed Brenden Bell (our Script Supervisor/Jack of all Trades/Super Man) who has not leaked many tears sense adolescence (which I just found out over lunch). Even though some people are leaving, others are staying to continue on to…

    PPM standing for Post Production Madness! This is not a literal term but rather my attempt to create an acronym.

    This is a whole other world in itself so be watching out for the stories that come from that!

    In order to explain the title of the blog, I’ll have to tell you a little story, so bare with me as I begin:

    Once upon a time we were making a movie and we needed the clouds to cooperate with us. We needed some sunshine here and there, and we needed some rain here and there. Now from past experiences, we knew that Nature can get a little camera shy and therefore lack in rain, so we decided to build a Rain Rig to help out a bit. After looking at the weather forecast, we created a schedule that we thought worked best with the clouds. But these clouds had a mind of their own, and they did precisely as they wanted to do – disregarding the script entirely! They rained when we needed no rain, and they disappeared on the days they were scheduled for. What is up with that?! It seemed they were laughing at us and saying, “Oh, you’re makin’ a movie are ya? What about now?”  An attitude that I don’t quite understand seeing as how they were given one of the most important roles in the film!

    Who knew nature had such an ungrateful sense of humour! They must have been laughing as their drops caught us off guard time and time again and sent us rushing for our umbrellas to cover the gear and Talent. They certainly were laughing at Lisa Goetze (our lovely Unit Production Manager) as she had to fix up and re-organize things for us on the spot.

    Needless to say, rain or shine, we got the shots we needed due to the amazing talent of our DP and AC’s, and in this battle of Man vs Nature… I’m going to call it even.

    The End.

    A charming story wouldn’t you say? It’s not over though! Even today we had planned to do some shooting at a location where sun was needed, and in its menacing way, the rain and wind made it impossible to shoot.

    Like I said earlier, we still have Post-Production madness, so continue to accompany us on this crazy expedition! Hearing from you wouldn’t be bad either, in fact it is something that would make my day, so leave a comment in the section below!

    Now, I’m not an expert on Post-Production stuff, but I know that its gonna take a fair bit of time and a lot of talent, skill (which we have) and finances to get this done! We’ll keep writing, if you’ll keep reading!

    Quite yours,

    Hannah Lenz

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