Hello! My name is Matthew Paul Schmidt and for the next undetermined amount of time I shall be the one responsible for letting you know what’s going on with The Initiative through this blog.

    I have been here just over a month and to be honest working in a film production office is not really what I expected it to be. As with most things in my life the idea of working in a film production office was much more exciting and glamorous than the actual everyday reality.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of exciting and glamorous times but as with any job there are always the more ‘boring’ bits aka the everyday reality of the work that one never really thinks about from the outside looking in. I’m learning that maybe what I do with the ‘boring’ bits of life might be what matters most.

    As I gave this a good think I recalled something from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin’s father asked him to shovel snow from the front drive by hand, Calvin questioned him and the response was “because its character building”. Maybe that’s happening in my life right now. Some character building.

    Character is a good thing to build in filmmaking and in life.

    It’s been quiet around our offices this week. We are all taking a bit of a breather after wrapping Charis’ short film Skipping Stones. We’ve begun post production on it and have a fun lil’ teaser up above for you all to check out.

    We’re also sad to see the Interns of the past three months leave but grateful for the hard work and time they put into the production company. We’re excited for where ever life and filmmaking may take them.

    This film thing is a crazy business. But honestly there is nothing I would rather be doing. Even the day to day ‘boring’ bits which really, when I actually do them, aren’t that boring. I don’t know all of what my time as a filmmaker will entail but I’m sure it will be an exciting, wonderful and unexpected adventure of which I will keep you all informed.

    Well that’s it for know. May you fly as high as your dreams while your feet remain on the ground.

    And may your eyes be sore from watching too many movies.

    – Matthew Paul Schmidt

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